Gun Owner’s Home Raided Over Harmless Photo of Rifle

New Jersey family man Shawn Moore is a certified firearms instructor for the NRA, an NRA range safety officer and a hunter education instructor. His son also has a New Jersey hunting license and recently passed the state’s hunter safety course. For his son’s 11th birthday, Mr, Moore got him a .22 rifle.

However, he made the mistake of posting a picture on Facebook of his son wearing camouflage and sporting his new rifle.

This photo, or at least a phone call about the photo from an anonymous source, led to the Moore’s home being raided late at night by police and officials from the Department of Children and Families. Mr. Moore was out with a friend, but he got an urgent text from his wife notifying him of the raid that was going on.

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On his way home, Shawn called his lawyer Evan Nappen. According to Nappen, Moore’s kids were at risk of being taken away:

 “Someone called family services about the photo. It led to an incredible, heavy-handed raid on his house. They wanted to see his gun safe, his guns and search his house. They even threatened to take his kids.”

 As soon as Moore got home, officers were demanding to search his house and for him to open his gun safe so that they could take an inventory of what he had. The officers claimed he was being unreasonable and acting suspicious because he was not complying with their demands.

Moore stood his ground and handed his cell phone to one of the officers to talk directly to Nappen. Nappen told them that if they don’t have a warrant, then they need to leave. The officers vowed to obtain a warrant, and Moore, with Nappen on speakerphone, instructed the officers to leave. They left and never returned with any warrant.

A spokesman for the Department of Children and Families said that they have a hotline that anyone can use to leave anonymous tips about others, and the authorities are required to follow up on every single case.

This means that the authorities weren’t necessarily skimming people’s Facebook pages, looking for kids holding guns. Their late night home raid was based on hearsay from some anonymous source about a photo of a white kid holding a gun.

The spokesman also stated that even if the allegations turn out to be false, the person who called in can’t be held liable. The Bible calls such a person a “false witness” and was to receive the same punishment that he had intended to bring on the person he falsely accused. But since we don’t abide by those anachronistic laws anymore, anybody can call in on the child abuse hotline and make up a story in order to get someone else in trouble.

Thankfully, Mr. Moore knew the law better than the law “enforcement” officers and told them to leave his property. Even though he won’t be able to bring charges against his false witness, he is considering bringing suit against the state for their warrantless raid.

Speaking of Facebook photos with guns, check out these. How much do you want to bet that no child grabbers or police were called to search their houses, take inventory of their guns or take their kids?

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