Gun Ownership and the Republican Presidential Candidates

This past Christmas saw a huge increase in the number of gun purchases.  The American public is steadily arming itself, possibly in fear of what will happen when Obama succeeds in destroying America.

It seems from the figures that gun ownership, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment, is still an important right to the majority of Americans.  Some figures state that around 100 million Americans own guns.  Therefore, you would think that it would also be important to every voter, especially Republicans, Tea Partyers and Independents, to know just where your elected leaders stand on the issue.

Gun Owners of America sent out a questionnaire to each of the Republican presidential candidates asking them a series of questions that dealt with the Second Amendment and gun ownership.

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Ron Paul responded to the questionnaire and affirms that he a staunch supporter of gun ownership and the Second Amendment.

One of Rick Santorum’s people called GOA to tell them that he was okay with them and their stance.

Newt Gingrich responded to the questionnaire, and his stance on gun ownership is questionable at best.  In 1996, he voted for the Lautenberg gun ban stating that it was a reasonable position.  In 1997, he refused to support an effort repeal the gun ban.

Mitt Romney has not responded or returned the questionnaire.  GOA points out that Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts was one that supported a ban on all semi-automatic weapons and a waiting period for all gun purchases.

Jon Huntsman has also not returned the GOA’s questionnaire.  On at least one occasion, Huntsman said that he would veto any ban on guns including assault weapons.  He has stated that he fully supports the Second Amendment.  If this is the case, then one wonders why he has not responded to the GOA questionnaire.

Interestingly, GOA never made mention of Rick Perry in their report.  However, in early reports from them, they indicate that Perry has a solid background on gun ownership and the Second amendment.

Boiling it down to the top three Republican frontrunners at the moment, (Romney, Paul and Santorum), Ron Paul is the one of the three with a strong stand supporting gun ownership and in defending the Second Amendment as it was written and intended.

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