Gun Safes and Lock are Useless in Home Defense

Some states like New York and California are wanting to require that anyone owning a gun keep them unloaded, with trigger locks in place and keep them in a locked safe.

What good is that if someone breaks into your house while you are home?

Are you supposed to ask the criminal to stop and wait until you can open your gun safe, remove the trigger lock and load your gun, before they do anything?

That’s like having your cell phone turned off, in a locked case and in a locked glove compartment in your car if you need it to call 9-1-1 in case of an accident.

There are more and more reports of people, especially moms and young girls, who are at home at the time of a home intrusion who were forced to use their guns to stop the intruder from harming them.  Had they had to obey such ridiculous laws, who knows how many of them would have been harmed, raped or killed at the hands of the intruders.

When I grew up, my parents kept loaded guns in various rooms of the house and they made sure that their kids knew exactly where every one of them were.  They also taught us how to shoot and to respect the danger of a gun and that they were nothing to play with.  Dad always said that an unloaded gun was useless if anyone tried to break in.  My two older brothers, younger sister and I weren’t exactly the best behaved kids in the world, but we never touched the loaded guns in the house because we understood and knew better.

That’s the difference between my generation and the current generation. Our parents taught us respect for other people and property.  They also taught us right and wrong and we knew the consequences of both.  Today’s parents seem to have lost those teaching and training skills and their kids don’t respect anyone or anything.  Many of them can’t be trusted with a loaded gun in the house because their parents haven’t taught them any better.

Society in general doesn’t help because it doesn’t teach respect for person or property either.  None of the prime television shows or popular movies teach respect.  Many of them don’t even teach respect for one’s self, let alone others.  I wouldn’t trust many of these kids with a loaded gun either, but I wouldn’t pass laws that make it impossible for those that were taught properly to protect themselves in their own homes.

Just be advised that anyone stepping in my house uninvited will not have to wait for me to open a gun safe, unlock the trigger and load my guns.  They are armed ready.  All I have to do is turn off the safety, aim and fire.

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