Gun Toting Customer Saves Security Guards from Syringe Wielding Shoplifter

I’ve worked in retail for a number of years and held positions ranging from clerk to assistant store manager.  During those years, I’ve also dealt with a number of shoplifters, some of which fought to avoid arrest.  Shoplifters will not only kick and punch, but I’ve seen them bite, claw, throw things and pull knives to avoid being arrested.  In one store, our security guard was bitten in the shoulder by a black lady resisting arrest.  The bite infected and he ended up losing most of the use of his arm as a result.

Security guards run the risk of being contaminated by the blood or saliva of those they arrest.  One thing that always bothered me was that none of our security guards were allowed to carry a gun.  Sadly, that’s the case with many store security guards and must be the case with Home Depot as well.

Store loss prevention officers (a fancy name for security guards) at the Home Depot in Roseville, Michigan tried to stop Joshua J. Silva in the parking lot for shoplifting a $179 battery operated drill.  Silva resisted arrest by swinging a syringe from his jacket pocket.  He managed to stab one guard in the hand five times.

As the fight ensued, a customer in the parking lot saw what was happening.  This customer has a conceal carry permit and was carrying his gun at the time.  He pulled his gun and ordered Silva to drop the syringe and to lie down on the ground.  Silva dropped the syringe and sat down but when he heard police sirens approaching, he jumped and ran, only to be caught by the police anyway.

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James Berlin, Roseville Police Chief said that Silva is a heroin addict and that he and his syringe are being tested for any possible contagious diseases.  The security officer that was stabbed was treated at a local hospital and will be monitored for any possible infection from the dirty needle that did contain some heroin residue.

The gun toting customer told police that he only got involved because it looked to him that Silva had the upper hand over the security officers and that he felt Silva would have killed one of them given the chance.  Although the good Samaritan asked to remain anonymous, Berlin said he plans on putting him in for a citizen’s citation for his heroism.

Now realize that Barack Obama, Joe Biden and many other liberal Democrats want to take away the right to conceal carry a gun.  They would rather someone like Silva keep stabbing security officers and possibly infecting them with AIDS or hepatitis C rather than have someone with a gun stopping it from happening.  They don’t want Americans to be able to defend themselves or others as that makes a takeover of the country more difficult.

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