Gun Violence Decreasing in Spite of Recent School Shootings

In the wake of several recent school shootings, ‘p’resident Obama has renewed his anti-gun rhetoric and is demanding that stricter laws are passed. He is also blaming the NRA for the latest school shooting, as if they sponsored it.

From the way Obama and other liberals are reacting, you would think that guns have a mind of their own and that they force themselves into the hands of people and then force them to shoot and kill. You would also believe that gun violence is running so rampant that it’s a plague that needs to be exterminated.

But what are the facts about school shootings and gun violence?

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In the last 18 months, there have been 74 school shootings. They all have one thing in common – they were in gun free zones. Just like the shootings at Fort Hood in Texas and the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, all of these shootings are taking place where the criminals know that no one will be armed to stop them.

According to CDC statistics, there are about 308 shootings a day throughout all of America. Eighty-six people die every day from gun violence, resulting in 31,672 gun related deaths per year. The same CDC report states that 33,687 people die from car accidents every year, so why isn’t Obama trying to outlaw cars? Worse yet, 42,917 people die from poisonings every year, so let’s ban all forms of poison. If you break it down to cause of death per 100,000 people, firearm deaths are only 10.3 whereas vehicular deaths are 10.9, and poisonings are 13.9.

Let’s put this in perspective by comparing the 31,672 firearm related deaths per year to the 480,000 tobacco related deaths each year. According to the CDC, 10 times more Americans have died from tobacco than from all of the wars combined in our nation’s history. The medical costs of tobacco related illness – heart disease, cancer, strokes, etc. – run into the billions of dollars every year. Why haven’t they outlawed tobacco?

What about alcohol related deaths? The CDC says that there are around 88,000 deaths each year attributed to excessive alcohol use. They state that over 1.2 million emergency room and 2.7 doctor visits a year are from excessive drinking. They estimate the annual cost of excessive drinking runs over $220 billion per year. Why aren’t they doing something about excessive alcohol drinking?

One interesting statistic I found was that the CDC listed homicide as leading to 2.7% of all deaths to blacks. For whites, American Indians, Alaska natives, Asian, Pacific Islanders and Hispanics, homicide didn’t make the top 10 list of all forms of death. That’s probably a main reason why there are more blacks in most prisons than other ethnic groups.

According to a Justice Department report, firearm homicides have been decreasing since 1993. And believe it or not, school shootings are statistically rare. Most shootings take place in the home. There are more mass shootings in restaurants than in schools. Did you know that a child is 100 times more likely to be shot and killed away from school than at school?

What really makes the difference is which shootings the media concentrates and reports on. They focus their attention on the few and far between shootings that suit their purpose of supporting the socialist agenda of disarming Americans.

Many anti-gun advocates point to the fact that the US has the highest rate of gun violence than of any other country. Then they point to the countries that have taken measures to restrict gun ownership and claim that we need to do likewise. One of the countries they point to is Australia. I wrote about this a year and half ago saying:

“According to the National Firearms Agreement private citizens were forced to turn over the banned weapons in a government buyback system. Beginning on October 1, 1966 through September 30, 1997, the Australian government spent $500 million in purchasing and destroying more than 631,000 banned guns. Howard and other politicians promised the citizens of Australia that they would be safer now that these horrible weapons had been taken off the streets.”

“However, that was not the case!”

“Since Australia banned semiautomatic rifles, shotguns and pump action shotguns the gun crime rates have skyrocketed throughout the country.”

  • Murders committed with guns increased by 19%.

  • Home invasions increased by 21%.

  • Assaults committed with guns increased by 28%.

  • Armed robberies skyrocketed with an increase of 69%.”

So what is the real cause of gun violence? SIN! Starting when Cain killed his brother Abel, long before guns were invented, humans have been killing each other with whatever means they have. If you read through history, mankind has used rocks, sticks, knives, swords, spears, slings, arrows, hammers, ropes, poisons, clubs, bats, cars, bombs and guns to murder their fellow men, women and children. If someone is determined to kill someone else, they will find a means to do it, whether it be guns, knives or whatever. Just look at some of the multiple stabbings that have happened in the past few years.

If you want to decrease the amount of violence of any kind, you need to change the heart of the people and bring them to a saving faith in Christ Jesus, not make restrictive laws that won’t work. Bring Jesus and Bible back into the public schools and government and the lives of the American people. That alone will help reduce gun violence and every other kind of violence as well or better than anything else Congress or the president can do.

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