Guns Save Lives

The shooting in a hair salon in Southern California is all over the news today. Ghastly business, that, as my British friends would say. Eight people dead. The shooter apparently had enough time to aim and shoot, from the entrance to the hair salon. When people are running for cover, a deadly aim requires more than just a few seconds.

There was another shooting this week that didn’t make it to the national news; it was only reported locally. It happened in Houston TX. You can see it here; it was caught on security cameras. Robbers tried to rob a Valero convenience store. At the first opportunity the clerk reached for his gun and shot back at the robbers without even thinking for a second. No money was stolen. No innocent victim was killed. One of the robbers was wounded and apprehended later when he tried to check in at the hospital. The other one, apparently upset by the resistance, let his mask come down and was identified by the police. He’ll be arrested very soon, if he isn’t already.

The hair salon in California is in a quiet little community that had only one homicide last year and none the previous three years. The Valero convenience store – as far as I can judge from the video, being a Houston resident myself – is not in a part of the city that can be called “quiet” and “little.” No place is safe. Robbers and killers can choose any place to do their ghastly business.

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Some places, though, are safer than others. And the safety doesn’t depend on the “quietness” of the community but on the right and the willingness of the decent residents to possess firearms and use them without thinking for a second when necessary. Like that clerk on the video. Other places are not safe; mainly because there isn’t anyone willing to own a gun and use it. Or because the local government wouldn’t let people own guns and use them. We all can think of all the examples of the last 20 years of people who died needlessly because the only armed person in the room was the murderer. And we can see that hair salon in Southern California.

Let alone the millions who died in Eastern Europe in the 20th century because very few decent people were willing to pull a trigger; and only the government thugs had guns.

The obvious question is this: How many more people need to die, for us to realize that guns save lives?

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