‘Gunsplaining’ why Gun Control Activists are Idiots

By S.C. Sherman

I am literally exhausted from explaining that there is no such thing as an “Assault Rifle”.

Since the Florida school shooting the usual rabble has been out in force arguing for taking away more of our rights. This time they’ve stepped up their game and enlisted thousands of high school kids as unwitting accomplices to their agenda.

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The teens are more than happy to march in the streets and miss a day school while feeling self-righteous about it. I have a teenager and he has verified that 90% or more of the kids marching just wanted out of school and have no idea what they’re marching for or against in any meaningful way.

The adults in the media are fawning over the formerly “Tide-Pod-Eating” teens and are welcoming them into the debate on gun control and our Second Amendment rights. The message is clear that the youth of America will finally right the wrongs of their horrible NRA-loving parents.

The problem is…the inmates are running the asylum.

None of them, not even the adults pushing this agenda, have a clue what they are talking about. They don’t know what the current gun laws. Not even a little bit.

Here’s a short list of what anti-gunners don’t know.

They don’t know what kind of weapons purchases trigger a background check.

They don’t know what makes you fail a background check.

They don’t know what kinds of weapons are currently banned in America.

They don’t know that a weapon with wood on it is every bit as dangerous as a black one.

They don’t know the difference between an automatic or a semi-automatic.

They have no idea that the vast majority of weapons out there are semi-auto.

They have no idea semi-auto means one pull of the trigger equals one projectile is fired.

They have no idea that an AR-15 doesn’t stand for Assault Rifle.

They don’t know that an Assault Rifle doesn’t exist.

They don’t know that you can’t stop mass shootings by outlawing one style of weapon…


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