Half of America Doesn’t Trust Obama

It’s one of those laugh-or-cry stories. A CNN poll has found that almost half — 47 percent — of Americans believe the White House ordered the IRS to target the Tea Party and other conservative groups. As a result, fully 50 percent no longer trust President Obama.

Perhaps the poll is a sign that something is finally sinking in to the minds of the American left, but it’s difficult to get past the compulsion to grab that other 50 percent by the neck and shake them violently while screaming, “What’s wrong with you!?”

The mainstream media coverage of all the recent scandals coming out of the Administration has been spotty, but at least it’s not being buried on the back page any more. (USA Today had a nice front-page article the other day titled “We Told You So,” about previous NSA whistleblowers.)

So perhaps the vast, mind-numbed public is slowly beginning to discern some of the real world through the fog of infatuation that has been covering this Administration’s criminal and plain immoral behavior.

More than half — 55 percent — in the CNN poll believe the IRS scandal is an important issue, so the media should perk up their ears and start covering the issue the way they’ve covered similar nothing scandals such as the Valerie Plame affair. When there is the least little controversy involving a Republican, the media just lose their minds and can’t cover it enough. They might try doing the same for any of Obama’s many scandals, then watch the viewers and ad revenues start rolling back in.

The actual finding of the poll, that almost half of America thinks the White House put the IRS up to it is sort of a big “duh” moment.

Of course it was the White House, just like it’s been the White House telling the Homeland Security Department to issue reports about terrorist threats from Christians and veterans, or telling the IRS to investigate conservative churches for allowing “political” speech, while letting liberal churches that regularly feature politicians as speakers slide by, or telling the Pentagon it needs to crack down on Christians who “evangelize.”

On Wednesday, Tea Party groups are sponsoring an “Audit the IRS” demonstration at the Capitol, alongside demonstrations against the immigration “reform” bill. We’ll see if the media cover those events or if they return to covering for Obama.

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