Hallmark Channel Bows to LGBTQ Activists, Now ‘Open’ to Gay Christmas Movies

The Hallmark Channel announced that it is now open to gay-themed Christmas movies, perhaps signaling that the network is the next to fall, Chick-fil-A-like, to the demands of radical gay activists.

Until now, the Hallmark Channel was one of the last vestiges of traditional, romantic movie fare on cable. Now it looks like that is about to become a thing of the past, at least if the network’s CEO can be believed.

The CEO of Hallmark’s parent, Crown Media Family Networks (CMFN), recently seemed to understand why his network was unique.

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In an interview, CEO Bill Abbott said Hallmark “differentiates itself from its competition” because its movies are “relentlessly positive, family friendly, always appropriate for all members of the family.”

“Across the board, we’re attracting an audience across every demographic,” Abbott exclaimed.

“We are not an issues-oriented network: our goal is for every viewer who comes to us to feel happier and better because they watched,” the Hallmark Channel says of itself.

One might think that Hallmark fully understands why it has one of the strongest followings on cable, especially during the holidays.

It appears you would be wrong to think the cable channel grasps its success, because now Hallmark is looking to become the gay holiday network.

Hallmark’s parent company now says that “Hallmark is open to doing any type of movie — including with gay leads.”

“In terms of broadening out the demographic, it’s something we’re always thinking about, always considering,” Abbot added.

Abbot’s sad acquiesce to the radical gay lobby comes on the heels of a sustained campaign by gay activists that have targeted Hallmark to put an end to its traditional movies and to bend to the radical gay agenda.

If Abbot has his way, it won’t be long before Hallmark Channel will no longer be a place where families can go for good, clean entertainment.

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