Hamas Breaks Speed Record in Violating Cease-fire

Gotta love newspapers. My local fish wrapper on Friday printed a headline to the effect of “Israel, Hamas agree to cease-fire,” to which my cynical first reaction was “start your stop watch.”

Sure enough, 90 minutes into the alleged cease-fire, with the ink not even dry on the first press run, Hamas had exploded a suicide bomber and kidnapped an IDF soldier.

Aside from being an object lesson in why newspapers are dying, the whole incident should be a lesson in why seeking a Mideast “peace” between Israel and the Palestinians is futile.

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It’s the same story that’s been repeated for decades: Palestinians start a fight, Israel defends, U.S. and other countries try to broker “peace,” Israel and Palestinians agree to cease-fire, Palestinians violate the latest agreement, Israel gets blamed as it defends itself once again.

U.S. negotiators have always had a hard time reaching the Palestinians, who don’t seem to be motivated by anything other than their obsessive hatred of Jews. But it certainly doesn’t help things when the U.S. sends a buffoon like John Kerry to the Mideast. The man has no common sense and despises concepts like freedom, human rights and patriotism — all of which Israel embodies.

Like his boss, President Obama, Kerry instinctively sides with the “poor, oppressed” Palestinians who embody whininess, pig-headedness and a dogmatic dedication to forcing others to do their bidding. In other words, they have a lot in common with American liberals.

Like the American Left, the Palestinian leadership refuses to even consider the concept that their own unreasonableness could be the source of their problems.They want what they want, and they will use intimidation, psychological manipulation and violence to get their way.

These are the types of people who will spend millions of dollars on attack tunnels — the entrances to which have even been located inside U.N.-operated buildings — rather than use any of that money to improve the lot of their citizens.

Mohammed himself beheaded Jews in his day, and he counseled his followers to do likewise while spreading worship of Allah. It’s been one wild-eyed, bload-soaked orgy of mayhem in the 1,400 or so years since. For a people who are forbidden to consume alcohol, Mohammed’s most fanatical followers have certainly made themselves drunk on human blood.

There was a great cartoon the other day that showed Netanyahu and a Hamas representative at the table with John Kerry. The Hamas guy was holding a sign that said “All Jews must die,” and Kerry was admonishing Netanyahu by saying, “Can’t you at least meet him half way?”

Negotiating peace with Hamas is pointless. They adhere to the Muslim principle that every non-Muslim must convert, pay ransom or die. You may as well try to convert Aztec priests to ethical vegetarianism.

But as long as this White House continues to support radical Muslims in many countries, we can probably expect a string of “cease-fires” that won’t last a day. Until we can change the locks on the Oval Office and give Israel real support, we need at least to send it our prayers.

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