Harry Reid And The Racism Slander

Senator Harry Reid is so kind and charitable that he’s willing to publicly express hope that Republican opposition to President Obama isn’t motivated by racism. How nice of him to always hope for the best.

“My counterpart, Mitch McConnell, said at the beginning of the presidency of Barack Obama that he had one goal, and that is to defeat Obama and make sure he wasn’t re-elected. And that’s how they legislate in the Senate. It was really bad. And we’ve been now seven months into this second term of the president’s and they haven’t changed much. It’s been obvious that they’re doing everything they can to make him fail. And I hope, I hope, and I say this seriously, I hope that it’s based on substance, not the fact that he’s an African American.”

If you think Republicans are motivated by racism, you are deeply stupid.

Here’s part of the Wikipedia entry for Tim Scott, a sitting Republican Senator for South Carolina. Because he was appointed to that seat, I will go to his previous office in Congress representing the 1st district:

“Scott ranked first in the nine candidate Republican primary of June 8, 2010, receiving a plurality of 32% of the vote. Fellow Charleston County Councilman Paul Thurmond, son of U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond, ranked second with 16% of the vote. Carroll A. Campbell III, the son of former Governor Carroll A. Campbell, Jr., ranked third with 14% of the vote. Charleston County School Board member Larry Kobrovsky ranked fourth with 11% of the vote… Because no candidate had received 50 percent or more of the vote, a runoff was held on June 22, 2010. Scott faced off against Paul Thurmond. Scott was endorsed by the anti-tax National Club for Growth, various Tea Party movement groups, former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, Republican House Whip Eric Cantor, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, and the founder of the Minuteman Project. Scott defeated Thurmond 68%–32% and won every county in the congressional district.

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I can hear it now: “They only supported him because he is a conservative.” Duh. Conservatives really believe in conservative ideas like freedom from regulation and from taxes. The color of the skin doesn’t matter. If Obama wasn’t making George W. Bush look like a fiscal conservative (and remember, the tea party started before Bush left office because  of his terrifying stimulus ideas, on which Obama doubled down), and pushing one of the most insane health-destroying laws in US history, he wouldn’t be opposed by Conservatives.

Obama is a liberal and conservatives don’t want liberalism to succeed. This is not hard to understand.

Reid knows this but would rather lie and race bait than acknowledge reality. Since Reid is stupid, I don’t care what he does. But I am deeply concerned that I live in a country where many people believe him. It is dangerous living in a democracy populated by stupid people.

But the real tragedy is that two of the United States’ smartest and most heroic men today are African Americans. Here’s our current vice president smirking at one of them back when the politician was younger but just as stupid as he is now.

If you listened to the audio, you have learned from Thomas Sowell (especially beginning at 6:45) that US policy has siphoned off a generation of the African American community’s most academically gifted young men and women and corralled them into guaranteed failure. I would love to tell you that was a secret KKK conspiracy. But no, that was “liberal benevolence.”

Here’s some more, from the other hero of our time.

If you are a conservative you are used to be called “racist” by idiots and idiot-following sheep all the time. Perhaps you are impervious to it. I’m not. I make a point of reading and listening to these two men just for encouragement. The YouTube footage is wonderful. Their books are better. Walter Williams The State Against Blacks (now sadly out of print) immunized me as a young man from many political lies. Of course, I’m not endorsing everything they say. Personally, I think Sowell is way too hysterical about the alleged threat of Iran, for instance.

Nevertheless, Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams are not only American heroes, but they are worth a million Harry Reids or Joe Bidens, at least.

But Reid tells you I’m hoping Obama will fail because I don’t like his African origins. Right. That’s brilliant analysis.

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