Harvey Weinstein to Prison?

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Anders Hagstrom goes over exactly how movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was finally brought down, and what it might mean for the remaining men of Hollywood.

Weinstein was accused by more than 80 women of sexual harassment and assault ranging from unwanted touching to outright rape, but only two of those accusers have formal charges. Weinstein turned himself in to police on May 25 and posted a $1 million bond. He’s also enlisted the services of Ben Brafman, one of America’s top lawyers, to defend him.

A New York grand jury indicted Weinstein on two rape charges and one criminal sexual act charge Wednesday at the outset of his trial. (RELATED: YouTuber Arrested For Faking Mass Shooting In Disney World To Film Reactions)

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Rose McGowan and other celebrities who campaigned for Weinstein’s arrest were overjoyed.

Weinstein also carried a number of books into his arraignment, and he might have brought one of them to send a message.

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