Has Having a Gun or Not Having a Gun Ever Made a Difference in Your Life?

As I keep reading and listening to the anti-gun people like Emeryville, California Police Chief Ken James say that guns have no defensive purpose whatsoever, I got to wondering if any of you have ever had anything happen in your life where being armed or unarmed made a difference.

There have been numerous reports in the news about people defending themselves with their guns, but I want to hear from you about your personal experiences.

I’ve had two in my life that I would like to share.

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The first one happened when I was deer hunting with two of my best friends.  We were on horseback in the woods in the central part of the state when we heard a shot ring out fairly close.  Roger, one of my friends was riding in front of me and his horse went down.  Then we heard this idiot running towards us waving his rifle and telling us to get away from his deer.  JJ and I both pulled out our handguns and trained them on the guy as he approached.  It was the worst case of buck fever I’ve ever seen.  He started to threaten us about to steal his deer, which happened to be a quarter horse–appaloosa mix horse with saddle, rider and saddle pack.  I fired a shot in the ground next to the guy and it was enough for him to drop his rifle.  We tied his hands behind his back and took him to the nearest town and pressed charges against him.

The second incident I found to be more unnerving. I was driving alone on a long stretch of interstate.  It was nice weather and I had my windows open.  A car with four Hispanics pulled up close behind and began to harass me.  If I slowed, they either slowed or passed in front and then slowed.  Sometimes they would pull alongside and the guy riding shotgun was brandishing a switchblade with a six inch blade.  They would move over into my lane and the knife wielder would slash at the air trying to reach my elbow.

For nearly thirty miles they continued to harass and threaten me and nearly run me off the road.  No matter what I tried, I could not lose them.  Finally, I had had enough and I picked up my .44 mag Ruger Super Blackhawk and laid it on my elbow out the open window.  They slammed on their breaks and pulled over.  I watch after I rounded the next turn in the highway, but I never saw them again.  The way they were getting bolder and bolder and driving closer and closer to me, I honestly don’t know what would have happened had I not been armed and let them know it.

What about you?  Have you ever had to rely on your gun for your safety?  Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you had a gun?  Write and tell us. I’m sure everyone else would also like to hear your real life experience.

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