Have the GOP Candidates Forgotten About Obamacare?

One of the main rallying cries of the 2010 elections was the repeal of Obamacare.  It was one of the things that helped the Republicans win back control of the House of Representatives and drastically narrow the margin between them and Democrats in the Senate.

However, nothing has really been accomplished since then concerning Obamacare.

The economic disaster brought on by the Democratic policy of spend till your dead along with the high unemployment level has and should be the main emphasis of Republican candidates for the White House, Senate, House of Representatives, state and local levels.  Immigration is also an important issue, but it seems that nearly all of the GOP runners have been loudly silent concerning Obamacare and what it is about to do to every American.

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When pressed about healthcare, Romney continues to defend the program he helped establish in Massachusetts even though it is currently struggling with how to pay for it.  Several other GOP presidential candidates have criticized Romney for his program and compared it to Obama’s, but as yet, none of them have offered up anything about health care except a modest desire to repeal it.

Consequently, several conservative groups have started working on possible alternative health care programs that Republicans could use as a replacement for Obamacare.  They want to be prepared to offer up a program when the timing is right, but when will that timing be seems to be somewhat of a mystery.

One GOP plan being considered was first proposed in 2009.  Instead of costing taxpayers the $900 billion that Obamacare cost, the 2009 GOP plan would only cost $61 billion.  One of the main differences in the plans is that the GOP plan frees many insurers from government requirements.  They believe this would markedly slow down the rise in premiums, unlike the current state of Obamacare creating record skyrocketing premiums.

Critics of the 2009 GOP healthcare plan have stated that this plan would leave millions of Americans who cannot afford health insurance without any coverage, unlike Obamacare.  However, what they fail to acknowledge is that Obamacare is causing premiums to increase so much that more and more Americans cannot afford health insurance and will find themselves facing mandate penalties.

I don’t know about you, but I intend to remind the GOP candidates of their promises made two years ago to repeal Obamacare and hope and pray they have something decent to offer in its place.

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