Hawaii’s Obamacare Exchange Program Costing Taxpayers $28,000 Per Enrollee

Hawaii, the alleged birthplace of Barack Obama almost worships and protects him as if he was akin to Pele, one of the ancient Hawaiian gods.  Their devotion to Obama was made clearly evident when Hawaii openly embraced Obamacare and set up their healthcare exchange program.

Hawaii received $205 million of taxpayer money from the federal government to build their healthcare exchange program.  To date, they have spent $120 million on their state exchange program which has enrolled only 4,300 people so far.  This averages out to a cost of $27,906 of taxpayer money for every person enrolled.  That is if the 4,300 enrollee figure has not been inflated like so many other enrollee figures have been elsewhere.

A large part of the problem with Hawaii’s Health Connector program is that it was built by the same people that built the federal HealthCare.gov program that was a dismal failure.  Hawaii’s exchange program wasn’t ready to launch on the October 1 deadline, but did manage to launch 15 days later.  Like the federal program, Hawaii’s delayed system was also rife with problems, many of which are still not fixed.  Then there is a problem with thousands of applications caught in limbo between the state’s program and another program from a different contractor that checks applications to see if they are eligible for Medicaid.

Not exactly the model of success is it.  But wait, it gets better!

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Oregon has spent $330 million on their healthcare exchange program and as of last month has not signed up a single person.  In Maryland, the state healthcare exchange program, that cost over $100 million to create, has been such a disaster that even some Democrats are talking about scrapping the entire thing and joining the federal exchange program.

Let’s face it; Obama’s model legislation has been as successful as his green energy programs with many more failures than successes.  But like the green energy programs, Obama isn’t going to give up on his flagship piece of legislation and will continue to support it like the captain of a sinking ship.  We can only hope that the ship sinks fast and disappears out of sight.  Then if the ship is to be replaced, hopefully it will be with one that is less costly and provided better service.

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