HBO Program Promotes Child Oral Sex

I remember years ago when Home Box Office (HBO) first appeared on cable television.  I subscribed at first because they aired a number of good movies.  However, it didn’t take long before they realized that they could push the bounds of decency.  They started with airing a few movies that featured nudity during the late hours and that’s when I ended my subscription with them.  Since that time, HBO has built a large part of their business on the airing of pornography, homosexuality and other socially unacceptable behaviors.

But now it seems that they have gone way too far.  In a WND report, HBO’s program Angry Boys recently aired a scene in which a young girl is shown drinking from a pink plastic water bottle that is shaped like a penis.  From the reports I’ve read, (I’m glad I never saw it) it gives the impression that this little girl is sucking on a replica of a penis.

Advocates for HBO and the show claim that the scene was meant to be humorous.  Joe Wilson of Media Research Center’s Culture and Media Institute disagreed saying,

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“The incident is meant to be comedic.  But showing a young girl sucking on a penis in a comedic fashion is akin to showing child pornography.”

“Penis humor is a major premise of ‘Angry Boys.’ Out Magazine reported that the show features a Japanese mother exploiting her teenage son ‘to create a merchandising empire of cock-shaped products.’ In one episode, according to Out Magazine, the mother (played by a male, the creator and director of the show, Chris Lilley) unscrewed a pink plastic penis and shook it [for] parmesan cheese.”

Dan Gainor from MRC added,

“It’s difficult to imagine that HBO would go any lower.  Oral sex ‘humor’ involving a young child shows precisely where the left’s mind is really at.”

“After all, it’s already the Bill Maher network, with all his sleaze and hatred of conservatives.”

My first reaction to this report is that men are arrested every day for promoting or having child pornography videos, pictures or files on their computers.  Careers and families have been shattered and ruined because of child pornography so how in the world is HBO getting away with what many of us would term as the promotion of child pornography?  They have crossed the final barrier and should be shut down and removed from the airwaves.

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