Headlines Premature in Declaring Death of Tea Party

In 2010, the Tea Party helped to unseat a number of Democratic and Republican incumbents.  They had a lot to do with the GOP gaining control of the House of Representatives.

For the past several months, I’ve seen more than one headline that reported the Tea Party was dying and no longer had much influence in politics and elections.  Just like the November 3, 1948 front page of the Chicago Tribune that read “Dewey Defeats Truman,” the recent headlines announcing the death of the Tea Party appear to be erroneous.

On May 8, Tea Party backed Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock upset incumbent Senator Dick Lugar in the Republican primary.  Mourdock’s upset of Lugar was not a narrow victory but a resounding defeat largely credited to the Tea Party.

On May 15, Tea Party backed Nebraska State Senator Deb Fischer defeated State Attorney General Jon Bruning.  Bruning was the favored pick of the Republicans in Washington DC, but the people of Nebraska evidently said that they were tired of DC politics and went with the Tea Party favorite instead.

Just as the Democratic Party considered the Tea Party to be a non-threat in this year’s elections, the Tea Party once again makes its presence known.  And they’ve announced that they are still alive and making a difference in a big way.  Their announcement is a message to both the Democrats and Republicans, that the people are more tired now of Washington politics than ever before.  They want changes.  They want new blood in Washington.  They are not dead nor are they going away.

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