‘Fix’ Shows Obama Just Doesn’t Care

We’ve passed the “drop-dead” deadline for the website to be fully operational, and it’s still limping along.

The White House insists the site is up and running like it’s supposed to be, but even Obama stalwarts like the New York Times are still panning the site.

The latest figure from the White House is that 90 percent of visitors are able to get to and navigate the website successfully. And that’s the figure from the people who want you to believe everything’s under control.

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In the real world outside the D.C. bubble, a website that works only 90 percent of the time would be considered a catastrophe. And considering the Obama Administration’s history of lying, or if you prefer “exaggerating,” about Obamacare, you can’t help but wonder what the real number might be. The website continued to crash throughout Monday.

Regardless of whether the site works, the major problems are apparently on the back end, where insurance companies are relying on getting accurate information about new enrollees and aren’t able to obtain it.

Enrollments are reportedly more than 80 percent below the targeted levels, which were calculated as being necessary just to keep the program working.

The inability to reach targets isn’t just due to the website, though. Many people are reporting that the insurance they’re being forced to buy through the Obamacare program is much more expensive than what they had before or just plain too costly to buy into for new insureds.

In addition, complaints are rampant about the poor quality coverage that is available for the often higher prices.

It’s unclear yet how many people may simply opt out and pay the Obamacare tax/fine to save money, then throw themselves on the nearest emergency room if they should need care.

On top of all the other problems, there is reportedly no security built into the website and it will take months to install now. According to David Kennedy, CEO of the online security firm TrustedSec, no security fixes were made during the recent round of repairs.

Normally, a site such as would be designed around a security system from the ground up, in order to protect valuable user data such as Social Security and account numbers, as well as health history information.

Apparently the geniuses who built the site and opened it without testing also didn’t think that insurance companies and their customers might be concerned about privacy. According to several computer security sources, a hacker could just walk in and take what he needs without much difficulty.

President Obama had promised all the problems would be fixed by this week. He announced in a speech what he called a “tech surge” to fix the site and address security concerns, leaving most listeners with the impression that a horde of programmers was busy at work.

It turns out the “surge” was a half dozen people, according to published reports.

Like everything else about Obamacare, from concept to system roll-out, the “fix” has been half-baked, and making the system actually serve the people it was supposed to help clearly has been a low priority.

The ongoing comedy routine just lends support to the growing feeling among Americans that Obamacare was never really about healthcare.

It’s a feeling you can’t help but wish more people had gotten when the program was being rigged up behind closed doors and passed without debate on Christmas Eve.

Nancy Pelosi famously said we had to pass Obamacare to know what’s in it.

Well, Congress passed it all right. They passed it, and they left it on the front lawn for the rest of us to step in. The question is how long will Americans wait before they scrape this mess off their shoes and walk away?

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