Here’s Why Chelsea Handler’s Last Tweet is Brimming with Disgusting Irony

Chelsea Handler is set to debate Conservative sweetheart Tomi Lahren later this month, and we are ready to watch Lahren be torn into shreds.

However, Handler doesn’t have to wait to debate Tomi to look like an idiot, because she does that part all by herself.

Handler too to Twitter on Tuesday to cry about Trump supporters. Boo-hoo. She’s upset that they haven’t gotten off the Trump Train, which is still barreling ahead, full speed!

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She tweeted: “Trump could murder a baby and his supporters would argue that the baby’s [sic] had it coming.”

This comes from a woman who had not only had abortions herself but is also a diehard supporter of Planned Parenthood. So she is crying about a scenario that could (but won’t) happen, when it’s one that she fully supports.

Daily Wire reports:

The comedian is an avid supporter of Planned Parenthood, a corrupt abortion mill which aborts 320,000 babies annually. Moreover, Handler is a personal member of the feminist-hailed Brag About Your Abortion Club. In fact, she might be a board member, previously bragging about participating in not one, but two abortions, which are viewed as holy sacraments within the modern feminist ranks.

In February, Handler penned a post in Medium, titled Protect Planned Parenthood, imploring Americans to back America’s largest abortion mill. The piece fearmongered over allegedly anti-women Republicans and linked to a petition in support for keeping tax-payers’ dollars flowing to the lucrative nonprofit.

For her birthday, the anti-Trump celeb asked her supporters to donate to Planned Parenthood, which, again, literally kills human babies.

I am still trying to figure out where Chelsea found this tweet to be a good, solid argument. Maybe if she wasn’t such an avid supporter of murdering babies then it may have held water.

But she is.

And it doesn’t.

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