Heroin Epidemic and Deaths Direct Result of Illegal Immigration

I live about 20 minutes south of Cincinnati, Ohio. The number of heroin related deaths in the greater metropolitan area has quadrupled in the past few years. Several city and county law enforcement agencies are now carrying naloxone with them in certain areas to help counter the increasing cases of heroin overdoses.

Connected with the huge increases of heroin related deaths is the increase in crime. Far too many heroin users turn to burglary and robbery to pay for their habits. More homes and cars are broken into, placing homeowners in danger. Several home owners have been injured during the home invasions. Small businesses have seen an increase in robberies and hold up. In some communities, it is no longer safe to walk the streets, day or night, for fear of being mugged.

This is not unique to the greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. The same thing is happening all over county. Fox News reports that in the past ten years, heroin use by young adults has more than doubled. They also report that deaths linked to heroin overdoses nearly quadrupled.

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So where is all of the heroin coming from?

David Ward, Director of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers lays much of the blame on illegal immigration. Speaking with Brian Kilmeade on Fox and Friends, Ward explained that Mexican drug cartels force illegal aliens to carry backpacks full of drugs – heroin, and marijuana – as payment for the cartels helping them cross the border.

Where do the illegals take the heroin? Ward revealed:

“The cartels have taken advantage of our southern border and have exploited our weak security. And in the process of bringing heroin in, they’ve set up, throughout the United States, distribution points in our major cities, which happen to be sanctuary cities.”

That’s right. Obama’s lack of border protection and liberally run cities that declare themselves to be sanctuary cities for illegals are at the core of the heroin epidemic plaguing America. Every heroin related death in America can be attributed to Barack Obama’s failure to secure the southern border with Mexico and protect America from ALL dangers. Cities run by liberal Democrats are also directly to blame for the huge increase in heroin related deaths by protecting illegals from being detained and deported. Every victim of a home invasion, mugging, assault, and robbery at the hands of a heroin addict can blame Obama and liberal Democrats and even liberal Republicans.

This also supports what Donald Trump has been lambasted for saying about illegal immigration. It’s destroying our nation and no one except Trump seems to want to stop it. All of the others want to just let them stay and hope everyone will live happily ever after. However, America is not a fairytale land and fewer people are living happily ever after.

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