High Grade US Marijuana Being Smuggled into Mexico

How often have we heard that marijuana is a Gateway drug? For many users and abusers of drugs, marijuana is a gateway drug for other substances that are far worse. I happen to believe, at least for some, that this is true, but that’s not the Gateway to which I’m referring.

The Gateway I’m talking about is the one between Mexico and the United States. It’s been reported for years that ruthless Cartels smuggle humans and drugs into the U.S.

Cartels such as the Sinaloa, Los Zeta’s, Beltran, Juarez and Gulf, who combined make an estimated $19-$29 billion a year. These are some ruthless individuals, on par with ISIS, who will stop at nothing to move drugs through Mexico into our country.

Yet now it appears that the Gateway is starting to swing both ways.

As we all know, states like Colorado have legalized the use of pot for medical and recreational use. Well, it seems that the marijuana grown in the states is of much higher quality than that which is currently being smuggled in from Mexico.

The drug cartels have figured this out, and in the ultimate of ironies are now beginning to smuggle this higher grade pot from the United States into Mexico to be sold elsewhere at a premium price.

MailOnLine reports that according to the DEA, the smuggling “involves marijuana grown by American entrepreneurs in states that allow marijuana for medical or recreational use…”

The American marijuana growers are being called “entrepreneurs.”

DEA spokesman Lawrence Payne told US News that the “Traffickers who are operating in the U.S. are securing marijuana in the U.S. that is much higher quality and more expensive for the purpose of smuggling back into Mexico for sale and distribution. Much of this marijuana is being grown and obtained from states that have relaxed their marijuana laws, such as Colorado.” The DEA says the scale of the operation is not yet known.

The cartels are using the same tunnels, set up for smuggling into the United States, for transport out, which may lead to the inevitable traffic snarls and slowdowns.

Maybe they should apply for federal infrastructure grants to expand the tunnel network — like the Massachusetts big dig project. That way they’ll have tunnels exclusively for North as well as South bound drug-traffic.

Undoubtedly, the liberal weenie politicians who decided that legalizing pot would be a great idea never figured this kind of thing might happen. No one could have guessed that maybe the cartels wouldn’t just sit back as domestic “harvests” might begin to undercut their operations.

NPR interviewed a Sinaloa marijuana grower who told them that “if the U.S. continues to legalize pot — and more than half the states already have — they’ll run us into the ground.”

Yes, these ruthless, take no prisoners, drug cartels are just going to let that happen. How long will it be before the cartels start setting up shop in Oregon or Colorado?

For all you entrepreneurial growers of high quality weed out West — don’t be surprised when a duly designated representative of the Sinaloa Cartel comes knocking at your door, proposing a partnership similar like the one that Don Vito Corleone made to “Hollywood big shot” film producer Jack Woltz — an offer “he can’t refuse.”

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