High School Planned Day to Honor Teen Suspended for Drugs, Graffiti, Truancy and Stealing

I’ll say it right up front.  I am sick and tired of hearing about Trayvon Martin and especially how so many people and groups are honoring someone who has been shown to be a troublesome punk.  It makes me wonder why some people are raising him up on a pedestal and literally worshiping him.

Case in point is Carrick High School in Pittsburgh.  The homecoming committee and school voted to approve a Trayvon Martin Day during homecoming week.  As part of the event, students were encouraged to wear hoodies to school.

A number of parents were not happy about the idea and complained to the school.  One parent, Jennifer Kagle reacted, saying:

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“I am a little worried about that with the different people, how they’re going to react.”

The school received so much flack over it that they eventually cancelled the Trayvon Martin theme and replaced it with a bright color day, twins dress alike day and Bucco day.

But why would any school official in their right mind approve of honoring Trayvon Martin.  After his death, they found all kinds of angry statements on his social media including a post saying that he wanted to go and pick a fight.  That was posted only one day prior to his altercation with George Zimmerman.  His cell phone contained messages and pictures of Trayvon using drugs, with marijuana and a gun.  The coroner found traces of marijuana in his system.  A background check revealed that he had been suspended from school 3 times for drugs, truancy, graffiti and carrying burglary tools and bag full of women’s jewelry.  At the time of his shooting, Trayvon was on suspension from school.

Is this the type of kid you want your kid’s school to honor?  Is he the type of kid you want your kids looking up to and hero worshiping?  I just wish the American people would face the fact that Trayvon Martin was nothing more than an angry drug using thieving punk.  Instead of praising and hero worshiping someone like that, the schools need to be using Trayvon as a poster boy for what happens to teens who get involved with the wrong things in life.

I’m glad to hear that Carrick High School decided to cancel the Trayvon Martin Day and replace it with something more positive.

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