Hillary Clinton has Americans Duped

On Sunday, the latest CNN/ORC International survey was released and while some of the results were expected, other results were disturbing to say the least.

Expected results were:

  • 64% said Hillary was a strong and decisive leader.
  • 68% said Hillary was likeable.
  • 56% said Hillary shared their values.
  • 55% said Hillary can get the economy moving again.
  • 61% said Hillary has the right experience to be president.
  • 50% said they would be proud to have Hillary as their president.

Disturbing results were:

  • 64% said Hillary was tough enough to handle a crisis.
  • 56% said Hillary was honest and trustworthy
  • 55% said Hillary can get the economy moving again.
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Knowing the degradation of America’s culture, it’s not surprising to see so many Americans liking Hillary Clinton and believing that she shares the same values as they do.  After all, sexual perversion has permeated the American culture and her husband was having adulterous sexual relations in the Oval Office when he was president.

I hate to admit it but Hillary has a ton more experience than Obama did and his lack of experience has been plainly evident by the way he has handled so many things.  In fact, looking at how Obama has handled the presidency over the past five years reminds me of a thug who takes over a street gang and then starts exerting his muscle to everyone around.

It’s the three items I listed as being disturbing that concern me.  The only real crisis that Hillary has had to handle is the attack on the US consulate facility in Benghazi and she totally blew it.  She failed to provide the security that Ambassador Stevens requested in the months prior to his death in the fatal attack.  Neither Hillary nor Obama gave any orders for Special Forces to respond to the attack which some say could have saved lives.

Basically, Hillary Clinton did nothing in the Benghazi crisis except to lie to the American people and to the families of the victims, which brings me to the second point of so many believing her to be honest and trustworthy.  Hillary told the families that she would personally keep in contact with them and let them know the details of what happened to their loved ones.  Then she walked away and failed to keep her promise.  She didn’t stay in touch with them and as far as I know, she has never told them the details of what happened to their loved ones.  This is just one incident in a long list of things that Hillary has lied and been deceptive about since her days as a lawyer back in Arkansas and the Whitewater scandal.

I listed the majority perception of Hillary being able to improve the economy as not surprising but very disturbing.  The liberal media has done a very effective job of laying all of the economic recession and job loss at the feet of former President George W. Bush.  They fail to tell anyone that it was all started by Bill Clinton.  It was Bill that told the mortgage industry to come up with a number of creative mortgage packages that would help get millions of Americans into their own homes.

The mortgage industry developed a variety of Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMS), along with balloon mortgages and no interest for 5 years mortgages and more.  Millions of Americans were now securing mortgages and moving into homes of their own. This spurred a boon in the construction and housing industries which in turn caused a boon throughout the economy which also created millions of jobs.

Just about the time that George W. Bush was getting settled in the White House, millions of Americans started receiving notices that their adjustable rates had increased.  Most were still able to manage, but by the second and third increases in their mortgage rates, they found themselves unable to make the monthly payments.  That’s when millions of Americans started filing for bankruptcy and letting their homes go into foreclosure.

With so many mortgages going under and so many homes flooding the market, home values began to plummet and the construction industry came to a grinding stand still.  Just as the domino effect from the housing market had created an economic boon; it now cascaded into an economic disaster that we are still trying to recover from.

George W. Bush had very little to do with the economy going under and the resulting recession.  It was all Clinton’s fault and Hillary has much of the same economic mentality as her husband.  Sure, she can probably turn the economy around just like her husband did, but I don’t think America could survive the same kind of economic collapse 5-8 years down the road like what we just experienced.

Yeah, I find the CNN poll on Hillary very disturbing and a sign of more trouble for America if she gets elected.

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