Hillary Clinton Caught in More Lies – Will She Ever Tell the Truth?

There is no other way around it but to say that Hillary Clinton is a habitual liar and the American people can never ever believe or trust a word that comes out of her mouth in the future!

In March, Clinton held a press conference about her email scandal and tried to answer everyone’s questions and put this whole mess behind. Perhaps had she come clean and told the truth, that would have done it, but she just can’t bring herself to tell the truth about anything and keeps digging herself into a deeper and deeper hole.

One of the claims that Clinton made was that she never sent any classified State Department documents from her personal email account at [email protected] Since making that claim, Michael Schmidt with the New York Times has reported that the State Department had classified at least two dozen of her personal emails.

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Clinton also said that her correspondence with longtime friend Sidney Blumenthal were just unsolicited emails that on occasion she passed on to others. Yet, it has been shown that Blumenthal helped with some of Clinton’s speeches, and gave her advice over the phone all while being paid by the infamous Clinton Foundation.

Let’s not forget that Clinton said she knew nothing about the attack on the US Embassy compound in Benghazi, Libya until after it had started, but her correspondence said she knew of the impending attack at least ten days prior to it taking place. Not only did she lie about it, but she took no action to protect US Ambassador Stevens and the other Americans at the compound, even though Stevens had been requesting added security and protection for six months prior to his murder. I believe that Hillary Clinton should be held criminally responsible for the deaths of the four Americans murdered at Benghazi due to her failure to take appropriate measures to ensure their safety in lieu of the foreknowledge she had.

If this is the way she protected her own State Department personnel, how can we expect her to protect us and America if she were elected President. If she has repeatedly lied to Congress and the American people in the face of overwhelming evidence of her lies, then how can anyone believe or trust a word she says?

Is this the kind of president America wants? I think not, but I fear she will be elected solely because she wears a skirt and not because of her lying and deceitful track record. Americans have become so blinded with their causes – need to elect Obama because he’s black – need to elect Clinton because she’s a woman – that they’ll vote for her like cattle being led to the slaughter, only they’ll drag all of us along to the slaughter with them.

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