Hillary Clinton Goes Full-Tilt Crazy on the Economy

On Saturday Democrat candidate for President Hillary Clinton jumped the shark while attempting to defend liberal economic policies while simultaneously attacking Republican economic policy.

Mrs. Clinton said that she thought that President Obama deserved more “credit” for cleaning up the mess left behind by President George W. Bush (a President who had a majority Democrat Congress during his tenure). She followed up by stating that there was a “pattern” of Republicans leaving behind “economic messes.”

“There is a pattern of Republicans getting us into economic messes, and Democratic presidents having to come in and clean them up.”

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I can only assume she was talking about that economic mess that Ronald Reagan cleaned up after the Carter era of gas rationing, skyrocketing energy costs and terrible economic discontent… oh wait, that was a Republican cleaning up a Democrats mess.

The truth is that the free-market economy naturally moves in cycles and those cycles have nothing to do with politics… until politicians get involved. When politicians get involved, the market ceases to be free and the natural cycles become exaggerated and usually lead to BIG problems (like the Great Depression and the more recent Great Recession).

Hillary Clinton is as clueless about economics and history as her comrade Bernie Sanders is.

“Although I’m not running for my husband’s third term or Obama’s third term, I’m running for my first term, I’m going to do what works to build a strong economy again. I will proudly carry forward the record of Democratic achievement…”

As you can see, Hillary Clinton obviously seems far more prepared for an asylum than she does for the White House. America’s problem is that we’ve let too many unbalanced ideologues with no regard to history, facts, logic, reason or basic common sense have way too much power. These people that we have elected have no business representing us in Congress because they think they’ve got it all figured out. Our representatives no longer represent us, they represent a caricature of us and it’s destroying our republic.

Join with me, dear reader, and just say no to crazy old Democrats in 2016.

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