Hillary Clinton is the First Candidate to Come Out Against the First Amendment!

Taking a deviously courageous role, Hillary Clinton became the first major Presidential candidate (ever) to come out against the First Amendment and our freedom of speech. I’m not sure this is actually what she meant to do… but from her comments, she does know exactly what she is saying.

We need to fix our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all, even if that takes a constitutional amendment. And we need to protect our country from the threats that we see and the ones that are on the horizon. So, I’m here in Iowa to begin a conversation about how we do that and to hear from people about what’s on your minds, what the challenges you see are and I’m going to work hard to meet as many people.

I’ll be rolling out ideas and policies what about I think will work. But I want it to be informed by what’s actually working. And to build on what works going forward. And to stand up against those who have a different vision of our country, a different one than I grew up with and different one that I think is best for everybody.

Here’s conservative icon George Will reacting to Hillary saying that she ‘wants to get unaccountable money out of politics, even if it takes a constitutional amendment.’

That’s the awkward part of this. She has to say I will clean up the mess in Washington and I will make America more fair than its current inequitable position. I hope our listeners heard her that one of her four fundamental goals is to change the First Amendment to empower the political class to write legislation restricting the quantity, content and timing of political speech about the political class. I don’t think anyone has ever announced running for president that they wanted to change the Bill of Rights. 

Her ideas are so unbelievably past their sell-by date. She wants the 23rd increase in the minimum wage since 1938; free community college which means get someone else to pay for it besides the people getting the education. And at the end of it all it’s inequality is what she is going to stress. Inequality has rocketed during the Obama years because of zero interest rate policy which has the purpose of chasing all the liquidity in the country and equities. So the stock market goes up for the enormous benefit of the 10% of Americans who own 80% of the stocks.

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Folks, Hillary Clinton is dangerous for America.

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