Hillary Clinton: Just Crazy?

We know Hillary Clinton is a liar. That is obvious.

But as the email and Benghazi scandals continue, and she almost daily digs herself into a deeper hole, she continues to act publicly as if there is nothing going on that could possibly affect her.

That seems unrealistic. The FBI is heavily involved in scrutinizing every email she ever sent or received as secretary of state, they are looking into the history of the email server’s use, and perhaps most importantly, they are tracing the history of what is apparently multiple security breaches of said server.

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Anonymous FBI sources have let it out in the media that Hillary could be facing as much as a 10-year prison sentence just based on the fact that she didn’t tell President Obama (he claims) about what she was doing with her emails.

That’s because the federal Espionage Act criminalizes “gross negligence,” which includes failing to tell your superior when a breach of security occurs.

In other words, Hillary could be staring at a possible prison sentence just for being an idiot. If the FBI should turn up evidence of actual ill intent, then she’ll be up for some serious time.

Now, Bernie Sanders did his duty as a fellow Democrat, publicly pronouncing that he is sick and tired of hearing about those “damned emails,” drawing an enthusiastic response from the Democrat audience. This is the stage of the Democrats’ scandal playbook where authoritative figures pronounce the scandal “phony” and deny that there should be any interest in the deeply flawed moral character of a presidential candidate — unless he’s Republican.

So to keep presenting a determined face in public in light of all that’s going on, that would normally be a sign of bravado.

Hillary, though, is carrying it too far. Her “courage” is coming off as disconnected, unrealistic and more than a little creepy. “Crazy brave” is sounding more and more like just crazy.

It doesn’t help that she is a bristly, unlikable woman to begin with, but Hillary has also decided to adopt a stance of mockery toward the multiple investigations against her.

Click on this video link and listen to the brief snippet, particularly the tone of her laughter.

Doesn’t she start to remind you of someone else?




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