Hillary Clinton Proves She’s a Pathological Liar

Have you ever known a pathological liar?

I have. They habitually lie about virtually everything and the moment the lie escapes their lips it becomes their reality and they truly believe their own lies to be the truth. I once recorded a confrontation with someone that I knew was a pathological liar. That person made a statement and then a few minutes later stated the exact opposite as being true. When I called them on it they denied it. I pulled out the recorder, rewound it and played their first statement and they stood there and swore that wasn’t them on the tape and wanted to know where I got the tape. They refused to believe it was just recorded and it was them.

Watching the news coverage of Hillary Clinton, I couldn’t help but conclude that she must also be a pathological liar. Appearing in Iowa City, Iowa for her first national interview, Clinton told CNN reporter Brianna Keilar:

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“People should and do trust me.”

She went on to blame the attacks on her honesty and trust on right wingers like myself.

So let’s take a just a cursory look at Clinton’s track record to determine her degree of honesty.

When serving as Secretary of State, she said that there was no conflict of interest with her department approving Bill Clinton’s speaking engagements abroad. It’s since been proven that many of those speaking engagements prompted large donations from foreign sources made to the Clinton family foundation. That’s a clear conflict of interest and a lie on Hillary’s part.

Hillary also complained that she and Bill were practically broke when they were raking in millions of dollars in speaking fees and from their family foundation. Not only is her claim of being broke a blatant lie, but it should tell the American people that she has no concept of how to relate to them in their daily financial struggles.

Virtually everything Hillary Clinton has stated about the attack on the US Embassy compound in Benghazi, Libya has been a lie. She first went with the story that it was prompted by the garage made anti-Islamic video but eventually changed her story once evidence came out that contradicted her. Then she kept denying having any foreknowledge about the attack but that has recently been proven to be a lie and that she knew about the attack at least 10 days prior to it happening.

When the bodies of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens, US Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, CIA contractors Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty arrived in the United States, Hillary stood face to face with their families and promised them to keep them informed about how and why their loved ones died. Two of the parents have testified that they never heard another word from Hillary Clinton and have never been told the truth about how and why their sons were killed. If Hillary can lie to the face of a grieving parent, why should anyone in America have any reason to trust her about anything?

Then we have Hillary’s email scandal. She has lied about her private emails every step of the way in this scandal. She lied about using her private email, lied about losing her private emails and lied about not carrying out confidential State Department business using her private email accounts. Clinton also lied about her correspondence with Sidney Blumenthal.

I don’t even want to go into all of the lying Hillary did with her Whitewater scandal back in Arkansas when hubby Bill was governor only to say that her pattern of lying goes way back before either of them entered national politics.

Do I need to go on or do you get the point that Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar and her recent statement about people should and do trust her is just further proof of how delusional she is about? It’s bad enough having a leader like Barack Obama who knowingly lies to the American people, but it’s even more dangerous to have a leader who is a pathological liar who has no concept of reality or what the truth really is.

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