Hillary Clinton says Americans are Wrong and She is Right on Gun Control


No one watched the Democrat debate this past weekend (why would anyone purposely torture themselves that way?), but if you had, you might have noticed that Hillary Clinton said something interesting during the debate.

The conversation turned to gun control and the Democrat infatuation with stripping law abiding Americans of their right to defend themselves. (Martin O’Malley (D-MD) has built his entire campaign on the idea that Americans actually hate the NRA – they just don’t know it yet.) When the moderator pointed out to Mrs. Clinton that the overwhelming majority of Americans disagree with her and the Democrat Party on guns, she responded by saying Americans are wrong, and she knows what is best for everyone.

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ABC Debate Moderator: “In the wake of the San Bernardino attack, you all emphasized gun control. But our latest poll shows that more Americans believe arming people, not stricter gun laws, is the best defense against terrorism. Are they wrong?” 

Hillary Clinton: “Guns in and of themselves, in my opinion, will not make Americans safer. We lose 33,000 people a year already to gun violence. Arming more people, to do what, is not the appropriate response to terrorism.”

It’s yet another example of the disgusting nanny-state philosophies birthed and cultivated by the Democrat Party. This isn’t the first time that Hillary Clinton has articulated this ugly predilection for ruling over Americans (as opposed to leading Americans), and it likely won’t be the last time.

For example, when in an interview George Stephanopoulos pointed out that gun control has always failed to stop gunmen in the past, Hillary spun a web of gobbledygook to evade his point.

From ABC News:

STEPHANOPOULOS: As you know, some of your Republican rivals have also criticized you for focusing on gun control after the San Bernardino attacks. Marco Rubio points out that France has some of the strictest gun control in the world. That didn’t stop the Paris attacks.

California has some of the strictest gun control laws here. It didn’t stop those attacks, either.

So what law would have stopped this?

CLINTON: Well, first of all, what happened in San Bernardino was a terrorist act. Nobody is arguing with that. The law enforcement, FBI have come to that conclusion. And let’s not forget, though, a week before we had an American assault on Planned Parenthood and some weeks before that we had an assault at a community college.

So I don’t see these two as in anyway contradictory. We have to up our game against terrorists abroad and at home and we have to take account of the fact that our gun laws and the easy access to those guns by people who shouldn’t get them, mentally ill people, fugitives, felons and the Congress continuing to refuse to prohibit people on the no-fly list from getting guns, which include a lot of domestic and international terrorists, these are two parts of the same approach that I’m taking to make us safe.

And, yes, the NRA’s position always is, you know, if you can’t stop everything, why try to stop anything? That’s not the way law works. I mean, we have laws that are going to govern our speed limits on roads, knowing some people are going to violate it or people are going to drive drunk. But we still have laws. We need to have comprehensive background checks. We need to close the gun show loophole, close the online loophole, go after what’s call the Charleston loophole and end the liability for gun sellers.

STEPHANOPOULOS: On this no-fly list, the critics of that vote say that you know, you look back at this; it’s indiscriminate and they go back 10 years and say 2,000 people on the watch list actually did buy guns; government hasn’t found any of them committing a crime with a gun.

CLINTON: Well, again, that’s like proving the negative. We have a list; if you are on that list and you believe you should not be on that list, we have a process to actually raise your objections about being on that list.

You get on the list because there is some credible evidence you belong on the list. Now obviously, that —

STEPHANOPOULOS: Some mistakes sometimes.

CLINTON: — some mistakes, of course. That’s why there’s a process for people to be able to raise their concerns about being on the list and then to have a process that could even lead to a legal action to remove yourself from the list.

But I, for one, am a lot — I took the shuttle from New York. I’m a lot happier having a list that keeps people off planes that there’s any question about their intent or their potential behavior.

So I’m not — I can’t take anybody seriously who’s going to begin to chip away at the no-fly list.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Donald Trump and yesterday Jerry Falwell Jr. say the answer is for more good people to have guns. Mr. Falwell urged his students at Liberty University to actually arm themselves, get concealed carry permits.

Your response?

CLINTON: Well, he also went on — and don’t forget he said this, George. He said, that way, we can take out the Muslims.

He said that, OK?

This is the kind of deplorable, not only hateful response to a legitimate security issue but it is giving aid and comfort to ISIS and other radical jihadists.

With respect to the gun issue, it’ s legal to buy guns in America if you are eligible to buy a gun, you can go buy a gun and hundreds of thousands of people apparently are in the aftermath of what happened in San Bernardino.

I just want people to understand some of the threats we now face, whether it’s the guy in Charleston, who should have never have been given a gun but the universal background check was not fast enough, didn’t find the fact he was prohibited, went into the church and killed nine innocent people, we should be able to approach both of these with some sense of, you know, unity about how we prevent terrorist attacks and how we prevent the wrong people from getting a hold of guns.




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