Hillary Clinton’s Rampant Conflict of Interests

While a number of Republicans are thinking about running for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, most surveys and reports indicate that Hillary Clinton is still the front runner among Democrats. Alarmingly, a number of the same reports indicate that she stands a good chance of defeating most Republican challengers.

After Barack Obama won the 2008 election, he created a Memorandum of Understanding with then Sen. Hillary Clinton, concerning her appointment as the new Secretary of State. That memorandum dealt with the William J. Clinton Foundation. Part of the memorandum reads:

“Whereas, in considering Senator Clinton’s potential service as Secretary of State, the Parties seek to ensure that the Foundation may continue its important philanthropic activities around the world, which do valuable and critical work in areas such as HIV/AIDS, climate change and economic development.”

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“Whereas, the Parties also seek to ensure that the activities of the Foundation, however beneficial, do not create conflicts of the appearance of conflicts for Senator Clinton as Secretary of State.”

“Whereas, the Parties have agreed to a set of protocols that would apply to the Foundation’s activities to supplement any existing State Department protocols for managing conflicts of interests, and the appearance of conflicts of interest, as determined by the State Department’s designated agency ethics official.”

In plain simple language, any of Bill Clinton’s activities with his non-profit foundation should not present any possibility of any appearance of a conflict of interest with Hillary’s position as head of the State Department.

According to over 1,000 pages of documents released from a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, the State Department approved over 200 speeches and speaking events by Bill Clinton while Hillary was Secretary of State.

While Hillary was negotiating foreign policies with countries like China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Turkey, Bill was making millions of dollars speaking in the very same countries. His speaking fees for all of the State Department approved speeches total over $48 million. Of the 215 speaking requests, the State Department’s ethics department found no potential conflict of interests with any of them and approved them all. In most of the approvals, Hillary’s chief of staff was informed.

As Bill Hyman with Behind the Headlines concluded:

“Most neutral observers would probably find some conflict of interest or possibly unethical behavior existed.”

Since Bill Clinton isn’t sure how to define what sex is, evidently Hillary doesn’t understand the definition of conflict of interest. She also had no problem with conflict of interest in having the daughter of a member of an Islamic terrorist organization as her closest aide and confident in the State Department. Huma Abedin had access to many government classified information while her mother was a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, the female branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Not only do I call this a huge conflict of interest but I also call this an act of treason in aiding and abetting our enemy. Top leaders with the Muslim Brotherhood were recorded saying that the US and Israel were their enemies and should be destroyed. By allowing Abedin to have access to top government secrets, this not only makes Hillary just as guilty as Abedin, but should cause every American to question her loyalty and patriotism. It should also show them that she cannot be trusted to lead this nation and has no business holding any political office, especially that of president.

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