Hillary Dodges the ‘Socialism’ Question

I’ve begun to think that if Hillary Clinton ever gives a straight answer to any question, the world will stop spinning and everything will just fly into space.

I mean it must be something like that to explain why the … woman … does … not … stop … lying.

If her lies are actually protecting the Earth and the laws of physics, that would make some kind of sense. Otherwise I just don’t get it.

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Take the question from a local TV reporter with 9 News, in which Clinton was asked, point blank, “Is there anything wrong with Democratic Socialism?”

Of course, conservatives know there’s a lot wrong with it, but consider the question within the whole liberal wacky-world framework of the Hillaryverse.

Here you are, the Democrats’ nearly anointed heir to the throne, and your biggest competition is from a gray-haired old man who proudly admits to being a socialist on the Democratic ticket.

Considering that virtually every Democrat running for office actually is a dyed-in-the-wool socialist, just not open about it, and that Bernie Sanders is using the socialist brand to woo hordes of crazies who are registered to vote (and some who aren’t but who will vote anyway), it should be easy for Hillary to say, “Hell no, kid. I’m a socialist down to my silky drawers.”

It’s doubtful she would lose any of her supporters. They’re all extremely undiscerning.

But Hill just can’t help herself.

“Well, I’m a Progressive Democrat so I’m not going to comment on labels other people apply to themselves,” she sneered.

Oh, a Progressive … well, that’s very different from a Socialist.

After all, the Progressive movement was basically started with President Woodrow Wilson, who was claimed as a role model by Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini, none of whom was in any way a Socialist of any kind of stripe.

That’s the same Wilson who reduced the United States to a near-dictatorship, using the excuse of the WWI “emergency.”

So I’m telling ya, Hillary is the anti-George Washington — she cannot tell a truth.

And if you think the differences between her and Bernie Sanders are significant, you just haven’t been paying attention.


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