Hillary ‘Neither Honest nor Trustworthy’ Say Polls

A year ago, it seemed that no matter what Hillary Clinton did, her image among the majority of American voters was spotless and shining. According to the latest polls, that image is plagued with a rash of spots and is becoming dull and tarnished.

The Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday shows that Hillary Clinton’s popularity is starting to diminish as more of her lies are revealed to the general public.

When voters were asked how they viewed Hillary, 41% said positively and 51% said negatively. Generally one would think that the difference would have been along party lines, but they may be surprised to learn that 50% of Independents said they see her on the negative side. Normally, most Independents tend toward being more liberal and more than often vote with Democrats more than Republicans.

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When it came to the question of Hillary’s honesty and trustworthiness, 57% of the respondents said they view her as not honest or trustworthy. This should be no surprise with all of the news coming out about her lies concerning her email scandal. She continues to stand in front of the American people and say that she never used her personal email account or server for any confidential State Department matters after evidence has been shown to prove it was. It’s like the little kid being caught with cookies in his hand denying he took the cookies.

Hillary’s tarnished image was also reflected in how she faired against her GOP rivals. In a May 28 poll, she held a significant lead over every Republican, but in the latest poll, she was tied with Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, but still held a lead over Donald Trump.

Within her own party, Hillary is still favored by 55% of the Democrats that responded, but her opponent Bernie Sanders has increased his support from 8% to 17%. That’s still not much support, but seeing his support doubling in the past couple months also indicates that her ivory tower just might be showing the first signs of crumbling.

Hopefully her image will continue to tarnish to the point that it looks more like an ancient relic than a shining White House trophy and whoever wins the GOP nomination will be able to move in to the White House in January 2017.


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