Hillary, Pelosi Defend ‘Humanitarian’ Hamas

There’s a strong strain of anti-Semitism running through the Left, though non-Muslim liberals in general won’t admit it.

However, it becomes obvious in the things that liberal politicians support and what they say or don’t say about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Rep. Nancy “Unemployment Checks are Stimulus” Pelosi shared her wisdom Monday regarding the current Gaza war, saying we should look to the terrorist-allied Qatar government for suggestions on ending the fighting, because they’ve told her repeatedly that Hamas is a “humanitarian organization.”

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In the overall interview, Pelosi tried to straddle the line between supporting the Palestinians and supporting Israel, but calling Hamas humanitarian anything even caused Candy Crowley to do a visible double take.

The U.S. thinks they’re a terrorist organization though, correct? Do you?” she asked.

Pelosi responded with a noncommittal “mm-hmm. We’ve had that conversation.”

When politicians really agree with something and want to make a point, they blab at length about it. When a politician responds with “mm-hmm” and tries to steer the conversation into a new direction, they’re covering.

Pelosi almost had an accidental moment of honesty.

Possible presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also had a public moment of sympathy for Hamas, although at least she didn’t do it on CNN.

During a discussion on Fusion TV, she told Jorge Ramos that she understands why Hamas hides rockets and munitions in schools and other high-population civilian areas.

It’s because Gaza is so small.

I’m not a military planner,” Clinton assured viewers, “but Hamas puts its missiles, its rockets in civilian areas, part of it is Gaza is pretty small and it’s densely populated.”

Oh, well that explains why kids are allowed to continue attending school in the presence of Hamas’ military activities.

It’s got nothing to do with pictures of dead kids equaling global support for Hamas.

You might think that this sort of closet coddling of the Palestinians is nothing compared to the Hollywood Left’s outright condemnations of Israel, but it’s not only dishonest, it’s dangerous because politicians are the ones who control the purse strings in America and determine whether the United States will militarily support its allies.

Israelis must be thinking of the U.S., “with friends like these …”


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