Hillary Protected Her Email Server Like She Protected Ambassador Stevens In Benghazi

Many believe that cyber warfare is the most dangerous type of warfare of all. A growing list of countries, as well as businesses and individuals are working hard to hack into government servers, business computers and even personal computers. The US government spends millions of dollars every year securing government computers and servers. They probably have some of the most secure computer servers in the world.

If you were serving as the top international diplomat for the United States, wouldn’t you take appropriate measures to secure ALL of your correspondence and use the secure government servers?

Not if you’re Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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Not only did she choose to use her own personal server to relay classified and sensitive government information, but she chose to protect it with little known companies with limited capabilities. Supposedly, she left the decision of security to her staff and never questioned them on their actions, so she admits.

Her staff hired Platte River Networks to host her server, SECNAP who provided a firewall program known as CloudJacket SMB to detect hackers and Datto Inc. to back up her server on a cloud storage system.

Michael Borohovski, Founder and CTO of Tinfoil Security said:

“I’ve never heard of SECNAP or CloudJacket SMB, which says a lot right there, but the ‘SMB’ in ‘CloudJacket SMB’ means Small Medium Business, which Hillary Clinton is not.”

“She was evidently using the cheapest plan of this tool, which is a run-of-the-mill firewall to begin with. If you’re Secretary of State, or running for President, I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Joe Loomis, CEO of CyberSponse, also commented on Clinton’s choices of server security saying:

“It’s pretty shocking. Why entrust this small, unknown company with protecting the data of a former Secretary of State?”

“The fact that Clinton chose to use her personal email instead of a .gov account shows that she obviously doesn’t understand security. What she did is like inviting spies over to dinner — every device connected to the internet is an opportunity for them to collect intelligence.”

“This world is full of cyber warfare, and your computer is a part of that warzone.”

Datto Inc., was started by Austin McChord in his parent’s basement only eight years ago. Clinton hired him in 2013 to back up and store her emails on a cloud. However, Platte River says that Datto Inc. was never supposed to have a cloud.

Chris Drake, Founder and CEO of Armor, a cloud storage company explained what a cloud storage system is and why it is so important to take extra precautions to secure it:

“Anytime you hear the words ‘cloud storage,’ that means it’s a single monolithic technology that tens of thousands of people have access to, so you’re at the behest of all those different access points.”

“That’s why we focus on adding security around each and every environment individually. If it’s highly sensitive data, you don’t use shared services.

“If the company did not have a level of security that matched or exceeded the type of information it was storing, this could be potential negligence.”

Borohovski added:

“I don’t know if Datto encrypted Clinton’s data, but I would guess it’s not done by default. If we had the Secretary of State as a customer, we’d be siphoning the data off to a separate cloud that’s not comingled with other customers.

“Is it inherently insecure to have emails in a cloud? No, they’re already on the internet. Is it insecure for her to have stored them with a company that wasn’t taking any special security precautions for her particular business? Probably.”

In addition to the poor choices for securing her server, the way it was connected to the Internet also left Clinton’s server vulnerable to attacks and hacking. Internet access was made possible with the use of a Microsoft remote desktop service that allowed remote access connections without taking any additional protective measures to secure those connections. According to many experts, such a connection system leaves it highly vulnerable to hack attacks.

Marc Maiffret, Chief Technology Officer at BeyondTrust commented about the connection of Clinton’s server to the internet, saying:

“That’s total amateur hour. Real enterprise-class security, with teams dedicated to these things, would not do this.”

Borohovski added:

“It’s possible Clinton’s server was breached before she even sent her first email.”

“She probably didn’t mean to put government at risk, but she ended up doing it by running an external mail server that was secured with questionable resources.”

This sounds very much like the same way Hillary protected US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the other Americans at the US Consulate compound in Benghazi, Libya. Stevens repeatedly warned Clinton of the growing dangers and asked for additional security, but she took no action to protect the compound, Stevens or the others. When the attack happened and Stevens, along with 3 other Americans were murdered, Clinton started her string of lies claiming she had no knowledge of the danger.

I believe that just like Benghazi, Clinton is lying about having no knowledge of how her private server was being protected or how it was linked to the internet just like she tried to deny having any knowledge of the impending danger in Benghazi. She’s great at passing the blame to others and accepting no responsibility herself.

If nothing else, Clinton was negligent in allowing others to handle such an important decision in protecting her correspondence without following up to make sure it was being done.

Based on her record of ignoring warnings and paying little to no attention to security threats, she’s definitely not what anyone would want as the leader and Commander-in-Chief of our nation.


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