Hillary Says One Thing in Public, Another in Private Says Rep. Gowdy

The past few days, the liberal media has been a buzz covering the grilling of Hillary Clinton by the congressional committee investigating Benghazi. If you listened to the media, you would believe that the 11 hours of testimony was nothing more than a political witch hunt. They blamed Republicans for intentionally trying to hurt Clinton’s presidential campaign.

During the testimony, Clinton was asked a number of questions that she avoided answering by trying to change the intent of the question. When asked who was ultimately responsible for the lack of security, Clinton passed the blame to her subordinates. She claimed to have had no knowledge of the repeated requests from Ambassador Stevens requesting more security. She claimed to have no foreknowledge of how dangerous the situation in Benghazi was even though Stevens kept reporting it. At one point, Clinton tried to justify her lack of awareness and responsibility by stating that she had a number of embassies and ambassadors in other dangerous areas which didn’t answer the question she was asked.

After the marathon grilling, committee chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy told the press that they didn’t learn anything knew from Clinton. This prompted liberals to further claim it was a political witch hunt.

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However, speaking to On The Record, Gowdy clarified his statement with obvious frustration, saying:

“The three things we think she ought to take responsibility for she’s kind of pushed off onto other people. I’m going to let other people decide whether she was candid or not. She was certainly not cut off and she was certainly given every opportunity to answer the questions.”

“I thought the questions were new but the answers were a little old.”

Gowdy went on to say that there was a dichotomy between what Clinton told the American public and what she told others in private. Her stories never lined up with each other and she avoided responding to questions about that dichotomy with her liberal verbal gymnastics.

Gowdy also said that he hopes to wrap up the congressional investigation before 2016 rolls in, but he said that also depends on the cooperation he gets from the White House, State Department and Defense Department. His committee has requested all of their documents pertaining to Benghazi, but to date they have not received all that they requested.

The bottom line is that Hillary Clinton is much like Barack Obama in blaming others for her mistakes and taking credit for the accomplishments of others. I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of having leaders that refuse to take the responsibility that comes with the leadership.


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