Hillary’s Biggest Campaign Lie Goes Unnoticed

On Saturday, Hillary Clinton took the stage at Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island in New York in what many consider to be the public kickoff of her campaign for the White House.

In 2012, Bill Clinton dedicated the opening of Four Freedoms Park. During his speech, he told the crowd:

“As all of you famously learned when I served as president, my wife, now the secretary of state, was known to commune with Eleanor on a regular basis.”

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I don’t understand why no one ever questioned his statement. Bill Clinton served as president from January 20, 1993 to January 20, 2001. Eleanor Roosevelt died on November 7, 1962, 31 years prior to Bill’s presidency and Hillary was only 15 years old. One can only conclude that Hillary is somehow communing with Eleanor Roosevelt’s spirit, which is something that should raise red flags with the American people.

But that’s not the biggest lie of Hillary’s campaign that I’m referring to.

While virtually every media outlet is keying on Hillary’s statement about winning the presidency because she’s a woman, they are overlooking her biggest lie. On Saturday she told the crowd that she would do everything in her power as president to protect the American people. That’s her biggest lie!

As Secretary of State, Hillary had the responsibility to protect all of America’s ambassadors and embassies, but she failed to take measures to protect US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the US Embassy compound at Benghazi, Libya.

There is documented proof that Stevens repeatedly asked for more protection at the Benghazi compound for six months prior to his murder. He asked for more security and more military support as he feared an attack, but his requests were repeatedly ignored by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Further documentation has surfaced that indicates that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama knew about the attack on the Benghazi compound 10 days before the attack took place. With that knowledge, Hillary had the responsibility to see that Stevens, the staff and the compound were protected. She had the capability to increase the security and even have military support to protect the Benghazi compound in plenty of time to repel that attack that killed Stevens and three other Americans.

Hillary Clinton did NOTHING to protect Ambassador Stevens and the other Americans at the compound. She left them to fend for themselves and to be brutally slaughtered at the hands of Muslim extremists. Hillary’s actions are criminal and I firmly believe that she is guilty of their murders and of dereliction of her duty as Secretary of State and should face charges for her lack of action.

If this is how she protected HER ambassadors when she was Secretary of State, then why should any American believe that she would do anything to protect us? We’ve all heard that ‘actions speak louder than words’ and Hillary’s actions shout of her guilt and that her words are nothing but misleading lies. The last thing America needs is a president who sits in the Oval Office with her crystal ball, speaking to the dead, with no intention of actually protecting the American people.

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