Hillary’s Bimbo Eruptions and Questionable Financial Dealings Should Derail Campaign

Does the term ‘bimbo eruption’ ring a bell?

When Bill Clinton first launched his presidential campaign in the early 1990s, a number of women came forward with claims of sexual affairs with the Arkansas governor. These allegations became known as the bimbo eruptions. With each claim of adultery, the Clinton campaign set their toughest pitbull to squelch the allegations. That pitbull was a ruthless attorney by the name of Hillary Clinton and she proved just how ruthless she was by not just squelching the allegations against her cheating husband but in most cases she destroyed the lives and reputations of the women that had sex with her husband.

Linda Tripp, a White House employee who taped confidential phone calls from Monica Lewinsky discussing her affair with then President Bill Clinton, recently spoke about Hillary’s handling of the bimbo eruptions, telling the media:

“In this endeavor she was ruthless. She destroyed women so that their stories never saw the light of day.”

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Women of America, please take note of how Hillary treated women for telling the truth about her husband. She claims to have the concern and welfare of every woman in America but her actions state otherwise. If that’s how she treats women who speak out with the truth, how do you think she’ll treat the women of America?

If Hillary’s record with the bimbo eruptions isn’t enough to cast doubt on her character, then consider some recent revelations about some of financial dealings.

When Hillary was serving as Secretary of State, the IRS was after UBS, a Swiss bank, to turn over the names of Americans who had secret accounts at the bank. Swiss law prevented the bank from revealing the identities of account holders but didn’t satisfy the greedy intentions of the IRS and Obama’s money grabbing administration.

Somehow, Hillary stepped in and worked out a compromise between the IRS and USB. Prior to her involvement, USB has donated less than $60,000 to the Clinton Foundation some six years earlier. Shortly after Hillary’s involvement, USB donated around $600,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

The questionable financial dealings don’t end there as USB also paid $1.5 million to Bill Clinton for appearing and speaking with a USB executive at a series of economic forums.

But wait, there’s more! USB also loaned $32 million to inner-city programs and entrepreneurships in the US, all of which had dealings with the Clinton Foundation.

I want to make it known that all of these financial dealings appear to be legal, but they strongly suggest questionable, if not unethical financial dealings involving Hillary Clinton.

Don’t forget that Hillary also had received highly questionable campaign donations during her 2008 run for the White House. Significant donations were given by a number of Chinese from New York’s Chinatown who could not possibly afford to make those donations.

It’s hard to say if there is a direct connection between the donations from poor Chinese living in New York City and the fact that a decade earlier, Chinese money was being donated to the Democratic Party’s coffers right around the same time China was acquiring a great deal of US technology.

If Hillary escapes criminal prosecution with her email scandal and continues her bid for the White House, whoever faces her in any debates needs to have a list of all of her unethical and questionable actions. They need to bring up her handling of the bimbo eruptions, USB bank and other Clinton Foundation dealings, her email scandal and how she has repeated lied about all of it and too the families of those murdered at Benghazi. If the American people have any sense of intelligence and decency left after being so dumbed down by public education and the liberal media, they should see Hillary for what she is and know that she does not belong leading our nation.

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