Hillary’s Foreign Policy: Love, Love, Love

Not only is Hillary Clinton a chronic liar and opportunist, but we shouldn’t forget another key aspect of her personality, that she is a child of the sixties.

At least that would help explain one of her dumber statements, which she gave on the Lifetime channel during an interview that aired Wednesday.

Not exactly a cutthroat milieu, the Lifetime channel nonetheless managed to draw out and highlight yet another excellent reason that Hillary should never be president.

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It’s a theme on the Left that the presidency of a woman would be so different, so much more philosophically evolved than that of any of the men who have held the office.

So here’s Hillary explaining how that would go after being asked what “a female president could bring” to the Oval Office.

“I really believe we need more love and kindness and nurturing in our country, and in the world,” she said. “I don’t mean this to be real gushy. I mean it seriously.”

We’re just too nasty, according to Grandma Hillary.

“We are tearing people down,” she continued. “We are pointing fingers, shaming people. There’s a level of dismissiveness that kind of makes whole groups of people feel they’re left out or left behind. There’s not enough empathy between people. …”

And so on.

So apparently a Hillary presidency would aim to bring love, kindness and nurturing to the world.

She’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony.

When she talks like that, there should be sirens going off, red flags waving, the emergency broadcast system kicking in. … Because that’s what will be happening in your neighborhood if “President Love” takes her policy of nurturing and kindness out into the world.

I’m sure the boys of ISIS would feel so much better if they could just give Hillary a big hug. Never mind the knives they’re holding behind their backs.

We’ve already experienced seven years of dangerous naivete in the White House. Do we really want someone to ramp it up?

The United States needs someone with courage, integrity and conviction to take charge. That person is definitely not Hillary.

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