Hillary’s Grade School Excuse for Email Scandal Not Working

If you’ve been following the Hillary Clinton email scandal, you will have heard her say on numerous occasions that she did not knowingly send any emails marked classified. That doesn’t mean that she didn’t send classified information via her private email account it just means that she didn’t mark any of them as classified.

Her excuse is a common grade school excuse employing semantics. I remember when I was in the sixth grade, one of the boys in our class threw a softball and hit one of the girls in the back of the head. When our teacher asked him if he hit the girl, he said no. The teacher accused him of lying and the boy responded that he wasn’t lying that he didn’t hit the girl the ball did. The boy was ultimately punished and I believe that Hillary Clinton should also be punished for her lying and deception.

Kind of reminds you of when her husband denied having adulterous sex in the Oval Office by saying that oral sex is not sex. Seems both of them are good at trying to twist the truth and play word games. I’d hate to play Scrabble with them for that very reason.

As investigators tried to comb through the emails she was forced to release, they first reported finding two emails that contained classified information. When the news was released to the public, Hillary again stated she didn’t knowingly send any that were marked classified.

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Another report claims that investigators have marked 60 emails that contain classified information and once again, Hillary goes on record saying:

“The State Department has confirmed that I did not send nor receive material marked classified or send material marked classified.”

However, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), Chairman of the House Benghazi Committee, questions Clinton’s honesty and integrity. Referring to her lame grade school excuses and the fact that her personal email server was scrubbed clean three different times before she turned it over, Gowdy state:

“The more energy she put into cleansing or wiping the server clean, I think your viewers should take or infer from that, that perhaps there’s something on there she really didn’t want us to see.”

It’s become apparent to the general public that Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy. She has borrowed the excuses used by her dishonest husband that she’s done nothing wrong and it’s all being blown out of proportion by right-winged conservative Republicans. Bill Clinton said the same thing during the Monica Lewinski scandal that led to his impeachment hearing.

The only way Hillary can salvage her campaign at this point is to come forward and admit she made some mistakes and judgement errors concerning her emails instead of her constant denial.

On the news over this past weekend, I caught a report that showed that more people felt Bernie Sanders is more trustworthy and honest than Hillary Clinton. This explains why her poll numbers for the Democratic presidential nomination have been dropping and Sanders’ numbers have been increasing.

Just a side note to say that the only real difference between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is that Sanders openly admits that he’s a socialist and Clinton continues to hide the fact that she’s a socialist although all of her actions and policies say she is.

When you boil down the Democratic presidential campaign, you have a choice between a more trustworthy self-proclaimed socialist or a dishonest and lying closet socialist. God help us if either of them win the 2016 election.

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