Hillary’s Misuse of State Department Position Helped University Pay Hubby Bill

How many scandals will it take to destroy the presidential ambitions of Hillary Clinton?

It only took one major scandal to force Republican President Richard Nixon to resign in disgrace. It only took one minor scandal to destroy the political career of Republican Vice President Dan Quayle. A number of Republican candidates have had their political aspirations thwarted by seemingly minor scandals.

Barack Obama has had numerous major scandals that should have caused his removal from the White House long ago, yet he remains and acts like he’s immune to any legal actions. The liberal tyrants known as Democrats have done their best to protect their Dictator-in-Chief and they seem to be doing the same in protecting Hillary Clinton.

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Have people forgotten just how problematic husband Bill’s presidency was? Have they forgotten that he was impeached by the House? Have they forgotten that Bill was having adulterous affairs in the Oval Office and Hillary stood beside him and condoned what he did?

I’ve already written about a number of scandals that should dethrone Hillary from any further political aspirations so I won’t list them all here, but do want to add one more scandal to her list.

The New York Post is reporting:

“Bill Clinton collected hefty speaking fees as the ‘honorary chairman’ of a for-profit university, but suddenly ended his relationship last week after Hillary Rodham Clinton attacked for-profit colleges and the money flow to Bill was threatened.”

“The new book ‘Clinton Cash’ says government grants to the school’s nonprofit affiliate soared when Hillary became secretary of state.”

“As Bubba played pitchman for Baltimore-based Laureat University, the State Department steered a $1.9 million grant to the nonprofit, the book claims.”

“‘Isn’t it troubling that while Bill Clinton was being paid by a private corporation, the corporation was also benefiting from State Department actions . . . Isn’t it troubling that this seeming conflict of interest was not disclosed?’ writes author Peter Schweizer.”

“…’Shortly after Bill become honorary chancellor in April 2010, Hillary made Laureate part of her State Department Global Partnership,’ the book says.”

“…Laureate and its not-for-profit ­affiliate, the International Youth Foundation, are headed by Doug Becker, and the school donated between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.”

This is not surprising since we’ve already been hearing about how large foreign donations were made to the Clinton family foundation during Hillary’s reign as Secretary State. As the State Department would help get funding and help for various nations and influential people abroad, coincidentally donations from the same sources would be made to the Clinton foundation, leaving a long trail of conflict of interest.

The evidence of Hillary abusing her power and position as Secretary of State are steadily growing. In fact, I’ve seen several reports that indicate that she may be facing criminal charges for some of her actions. Add this to the criminal charges that have been filed against her in international court for her involvement with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood’s terroristic actions against the people of Egypt. Similar charges have been made in international court against Barack Obama, but very little is heard about these charges. Is it possible that the powers behind Obama and Clinton are so powerful as to subvert the actions of the international courts?

Hillary Clinton is just as corrupt as Barack Obama, yet it seems that no matter how many scandals are piled up against her that it will not deter her intentions of moving back into the White House. And sadly, there are enough Americans who are either clueless or don’t’ care about honesty and ethics that they’ll elect her simply because she wears a skirt. They voted Obama in because he was black, not because of his qualifications and they’ll do the same for Hillary just to get a woman president, completely ignoring her record of corruption and tyranny.


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