Hillary’s State Department Funded Bill’s Rwanda Healthcare Project

Since Hillary Clinton formally announced her candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President, she has come under scrutiny in many facets of her career.

She is being investigated by Congress for her handling of the Benghazi attack, using a private server for official emails and some of her questionable dealings while Secretary of State. I’ve previously posted on all of these a number of times, including how Hillary’s State Department readily approved hubby Bill’s speaking events in a number of other countries that led to millions for the Clinton Family Foundation.

Now Hillary may find herself in another scandal for using taxpayer money to fund a pet project for Bill Clinton. It seems that after Bill failed to get a nationalized socialist healthcare system started here in America when he was president, he decided to start one in Rwanda and we paid for it.

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In 2007, Bill made an international plea to help improve the poor healthcare system in Rwanda, but received little response. In 2009, Hillary was sworn in as the new Secretary of State. Sometime afterward, the State Department diverted more than $27 million in grant money that was headed to non-profits fighting HIV in Rwanda to helping the Rwandan government to create the nationalized healthcare system, the very pet project that hubby Bill was pushing.

There is no evidence that Hillary was personally involved in the diversion of funds to Bill’s pet project, but the State Department official who did divert the funds had close ties to the Clintons. In 2012 Dr. Eric Goosby, former Ambassador at Large, was named Director of the State Department’s Office of Global Health Diplomacy, which oversaw the fight against HIV in countries like Rwanda. It was Goosby who diverted over $27 million in grant money earmarked for the HIV fighting non-profits to Bill Clinton’s pet project.

Is it coincidental that afterwards, Goosby ends up being appointed to the board of the Clinton Foundation?

Some are suggesting that this raises additional questions about possible favoritism involving political and family influence. Sounds just like the rest of improprieties that took place with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Bill’s speaking events and the Clinton Foundation.

Seems Hillary was so busy looking out for family projects and making millions through the Clinton Foundation to pay attention to the numerous requests made by slain US Ambassador Stevens for more security. If this is how Hillary ran the State Department, one has to wonder just how she’ll run the country if elected next November.

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