Hispanics Tired of Waiting for Obama to Keep Promise of Amnesty

Barack Obama has been consistent in breaking his promises. He promised more affordable healthcare and we got the opposite. He promised a transparent administration and it’s the exact opposite. He vowed not to take vacations or personal time while president and he’s taken more vacations than any other president in history. He promised to keep the families of the Benghazi victims appraised as to what happened to their loved ones, but that never happened.

In Obama’s first term in office, he promised immigration reform with the hope of amnesty and citizenship for millions of illegal aliens. In his 2012 re-election campaign he again made promises to the Hispanic community to keep them here in the US. He went so far as to use his executive order to illegally allow nearly one million illegals to remain and work in the US. His Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was established in June 2012, just five months prior to the election. The action helped but fell way short of his initial promises of amnesty for all illegals and providing a road to citizenship.

Two years later, Hispanics are still waiting for Obama to keep his promise and some of the Latino political action groups are getting impatient. One of those groups is the National Council of La Raza. They had their hopes up when a month ago, Obama threatened to use another executive order to give amnesty to millions of illegals if Congress didn’t act. Congress called his bluff and won, at least for the moment.

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Most polls indicate that the majority of Americans are against granting amnesty to the millions of illegals and any action on the part of Democrats could greatly hurt their chances at the polls in November. The elections are more important to Obama than keeping his word.

With the midterm elections a mere two months away, Obama just announced that he would hold off on any action for amnesty until after the election. This delay has really raised the ire of La Raza who is fed up with Obama’s broken promises. Janet Margula, spokeswoman for La Raza spoke a liberal MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart about Obama’s delay, saying:

“We, as a community, expect him to fulfill his promises. The president, in March, when we asked him to take administrative action, asked us to wait, because there was still going to be a chance for some legislative action. And we waited then.”

“And now there are some Senate Democrats who are asking us to wait again. You know, we’re done waiting. We’ve waited long enough. Every day that we wait, 1,100 lives are shattered as a result of deportation and separation.”

“The time for waiting has come and gone. We really need to see action now.”

“The president has legal authority to step in and act, and that’s what we have to look to today. And that’s what we’re expecting. We just need him to do what he said he would do, and act.”

Will Obama’s delay in acting cause further loss of support within the Hispanic community? Are they finally waking up to see Obama for what he really is – a liar extraordinaire who breaks promise after promise to everyone?

Hopefully, fewer illegal aliens will cast illegal votes this November and enough Republicans will win to wrest the leadership and control of Senate out of Harry Reid’s hands.

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