Historically Illiterate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thinks GOP ‘Amended Constitution’ to Stop FDR Reelection

Once again, we see that the left’s favorite Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is wholly ignorant of U.S. history. This time she claimed that the Republicans “amended the Constitution” to prevent Franklin Roosevelt from being re-elected to the White House. But the facts are that the amendment came long AFTER Roosevelt died in office!

The dumb as a box of rocks representative was on the never-critical MSNBC when she unleashed her latest example of historical illiteracy.

The little girl with the Mini Mouse voice told a townhall audience, “When our party was boldest, the time of the New Deal, the Great Society, the Civil Rights Act, and so on, we had and carried super majorities in the House, in the Senate, we carried the presidency. They had to amend the Constitution of the United States to make sure Roosevelt did not get re-elected.”

Missed it by that much.

The truth is, Franklin Roosevelt was long dead by the time Congress began the process to amend the U.S. Constitution to prevent a president from serving more than two consecutive terms.

Roosevelt was actually elected to an unprecedented fourth term in 1944 when he died in office in April of 1945. Until Roosevelt, most presidents assumed that they would only ever serve two terms in emulation of our first president, George Washington. But once Roosevelt’s second term was up, we were headed into World War Two and the Democrats insisted that “changing a horse in midstream” was a bad idea. And so, they nominated Roosevelt for an unprecedented third term. They plied the same rationale for his fourth term, too.

But Roosevelt did not get very far into his fourth term when he died leaving Harry Truman to wrap up the great war.

Ultimately, Congress passed the 22nd Amendment to prevent any president from ever serving more than two consecutive terms in the White House. Yet, the 22nd Amendment wasn’t ratified until 1951, six years after Roosevelt died.

So, no, AOC… “they” did NOT have to “change the Constitution” to prevent Roosevelt from winning re-election. He was a’mouldering in his grave LONG before “they” changed the Constitution.

Once again, we see that this little chippie knows a bunch of buzz words and has some vague notion of things that may or may not have occurred before she became self-aware (which was apparently about ten years ago). But she really doesn’t have a firm grasp of anything factual.

Folks, THIS is the star of the Democrat Party.

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