Holder Clears Ferguson’s Officer Wilson, but Condemns Police Department

August 9, 2014 was the day that changed Ferguson, Missouri forever, along with the lives of two Ferguson residents. Eighteen year old Michael Brown robbed a convenience store and shoved a clerk out of his way as he made his escape. A few minutes later, Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson spotted Brown from the description given by the store clerk. Wilson stopped Brown who became aggressive and attacked Wilson while he was still in his car. Brown hit Wilson in the face hard enough to fracture his eye socket. Wilson ordered Brown to stand back, but the huge teen continued his attack and when Wilson felt further threatened, be drew his gun. Brown reached into the patrol car and tried to take Wilson’s gun from him. Now fearing for his life, Wilson started shooting at Brown, killing him.

Within hours, Brown’s accomplice started telling everyone that Brown was a short distance away, giving himself up and walking with his arms up in the air. This lie ignited a firestorm that nearly destroyed the St. Louis suburb. The lying accomplice soon recanted his version of events but it was too late and fell on the deaf ears of black activists and the racially charged media.

Al Sharpton also ignored the facts that began to emerge. True to his racist nature, he just continued to pour gasoline on the fires of racial hatred and a significant part of Ferguson burned down. Business owners who had nothing to do with anything lost their stores and livelihood at the hands of people so filled with racial hatred that they refused to accept the truth.

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A grand jury was convened and interviewed a number of witnesses along with all of the physical and forensic evidence. They concluded that Brown was attacking Wilson and that Wilson was justified in his shooting of Brown. Once again the city erupted with violent protests.

It’s already well known that Barack Obama and outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder are nearly as racist as Al Sharpton so it was no surprise that the Justice Department launched their own investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown. Listening to Obama and Holder’s words at that time, it sounded like they both had made up their minds that Wilson was guilty of murder and they were dead set on prosecuting a police officer for defending his life.

Well, the DOJ investigation is over and Eric Holder had to say the hardest thing he’s ever had to say publicly since taking the job of Obama’s law enforcement puppet. Their evidence exonerated Darren Wilson of any wrong. I know the words had to stick in Holder’s throat and leave a very bitter taste in his mouth, when he announced that there was no evidence to disprove Wilson’s account of the incident.

In the meantime, Wilson’s career as a police officer has been ruined and he still lives with death threats from black activists who refuse to believe the truth. Blacks in Ferguson still refuse to believe the eyewitness accounts and evidence that show that Michael Brown was a bully, thief and criminal who was killed as a result of his own stupidity.

However, Holder just couldn’t be content in clearing Wilson as he quickly turned the table on the Ferguson Police Department and said that they are guilty of racial profiling. Those charges were made because the vast majority of traffic stops and arrests involve blacks at a higher percentage than blacks in the population. From Holder’s words, it seems that all traffic stops and arrests should reflect the same degree of ethnic diversity of the people in the city. The DOJ is moving in to work with the Ferguson Police Department to insure that they no longer focus on criminals but divert their efforts to other ethnic groups simply for the sake pacifying racial activists.

Stating that traffic stops and arrests should be equally ethnically diverse as the population is usually far from accurate. Law enforcement statistics show that in many cities, certain ethnic groups commit more offenses than other ethnic groups. In some cities, it’s Japanese or Chinese gangs. In Arizona it’s illegal Hispanics that account for a very significant percentage of crime. In areas like Ferguson and St Louis, it seems that more blacks commit crimes than other ethnic groups.

But according to Holder, law enforcement is not allowed to do their job in the most effective ways possible. If illegal Hispanics account for nearly 80% of the crimes in the area but only make up 40% of the population, law enforcement is not allowed to focus their attention on illegal Hispanics. Holder wants them to waste their time and taxpayer money by equally focusing on other ethnic groups that are not committing nearly as many crimes. The end result is shoddy police work that allows criminals to get away with their crimes, many of which are violent, just to satisfy the whining minorities who refuse to face cold hard facts.

If Holder and minority activists really want law enforcement to stop targeting them, they need to start by making changes in the homes of their people. They need to get them back to the biblical values and teachings that have been stripped away from our society. Then and only then will they really see a difference in their people to the point where law enforcement will no longer have to target their ethnic groups. Changes start Christ and at home, not with law enforcement and until that is realized, nothing Holder does will improve the situation.

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