Has Holder Just Set Precedent for Americans to Disobey Laws they Disagree With?

For the past five years, President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have picked and chosen which laws they wanted to uphold and which ones they didn’t.  Obama told the Justice Department to stop enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act more than a year before it was overturned in court.  Immigration officers were told to stop deporting illegals unless they had a prior history of committing a felony.

Now Holder has told all state attorney generals that they don’t have to enforce any laws that they disagree with such as laws banning same-sex marriage.

So my question is this: if the President of the United States, US Attorney General and now state Attorney Generals do not have to enforce laws that they disagree with, does this set the precedent for American citizens to not obey laws they disagree with?

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All of these elected officials swear an oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the land, but if they don’t have to live up to their oath, then we as citizens should not be expected to live up to our supposed duty to obey the laws.

Several years ago, Holder told his Justice Department employees to not prosecute two members of the New Black Panthers who were videoed intimidating voters in the 2008 elections.  Did Holder’s act set up a legal precedent to allow others to start intimidating voters at polling stations across the nation?

Obama ordered Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel to stop deporting illegal aliens that had no felony criminal record.  Did that set a precedent for anyone without a criminal record to illegally enter the US without fear of deportation?  I’ve known people that had to wait 5-7 years to enter the US legally, but under the precedent set by Obama, they shouldn’t have to wait at all if they have a clean record.

To what extent can this precedent be taken?  Our leaders’ actions amount to nothing more than anarchy where anyone is free to abide by or enforce the laws they agree with and ignore the ones they don’t agree with.  I wonder when someone will use this defense in a court of law?

No nation can survive under anarchy, especially when it starts from the top leadership down to the people.  When you look at how far America has fallen in the past five years, the end of our nation as we knew it is approaching like an out of control speeding train.

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