Holder Sends Agents to Watch for Racial Discrimination at the Polls Not Voter Fraud

You would have thought that with all of the widespread reports of voter fraud flooding the conservative airways (you hear very little of it on the liberal mainstream media) that US Attorney General Eric Holder would be sending agents out to watch for voter fraud, but he didn’t. He did send Justice Department agents out to monitor the elections, but instead of watching for instances of voter fraud, they were watching for instances of racial discrimination in states that have passed voter ID laws. He was hoping to find black or minority people turned away from the polls because they were unable to obtain the proper form of ID.

Liberals still refuse to admit that voter fraud exists despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The Heritage Foundation published a report, Does Your Vote Count? where they studied voter fraud. At the beginning of their report they point out that 24 million registrations, nearly 1 out of every 8 people registered, are inaccurate, out of date or duplicates. Another 2.8 million people are registered in 2 or more states and 1.8 million registered voters are dead and have not been removed from the voter registration rolls. Their report goes on to document over 200 cases of voter fraud that have occurred throughout the nation.

We’ve already reported on instances during early voting in Illinois and Maryland where voting machines automatically changed votes for Republicans to their Democratic opponents. At first the election boards tried to slough it off as a calibration problem, even though experts say the machines had to be programed to switch the votes.

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Earlier this year I reported that evidence was found that showed that over 35,000 people who were registered in North Carolina voted in North Carolina and at least one other state. These people had the same first and last names along with the same birthdays.

The lists of voter fraud go on and on and it is the duty of the Justice Department and the Attorney General to investigate all charges of voter fraud and to work to prevent it from happening. In fact, over 90% of voter fraud could be prevented by requiring voters to show a valid photo ID, but Holder has fought hard to prevent such laws from being enacted and enforced.

Now it has been reported that Holder sent DOJ agents out to 18 states on Election Day with instructions for watch for any signs of racial discrimination. That’s because our Racist in Chief constantly plays the race card to prevent his department from enforcing federal election laws and cleaning up election fraud.

This demonstrates the misplaced values and priorities that just cost the Democrats the 2014 election. That’s also why we have a growing racial issue in our nation because it’s being created from the upper echelons of Washington D.C.

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