Hollywood’s Finest Wishing Storm Would Wash Away GOP Conservatives

As Tropical Storm Isaac skirted west of Tampa, Florida and headed into the Gulf of Mexico, some of Hollywood’s finest were wishing the storm would made a direct hit on the GOP convention, killing thousands of Americans.

Over the weekend, Ellen Barkin, retweeted a message she received.  The message read:

“C’mon #Isaac! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! #RNC.”

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By forwarding the message on without any disagreement, it would indicate that she fully agreed with what it said.

Another of Hollywood’s finest to tweet in on the GOP convention and Tropical Storm Isaac was Samuel L. Jackson.  On Monday, Isaac moved further west, sparing Tampa and the GOP convention.  Jackson tweeted:

“Unfair s—.”

“GOP spared by Isaac! NOLA prolly f—– again!”

A short time later, he did tweet an apology, but knowing his pro-Obama and anti-GOP history, the first tweet represented how he really felt.  He only apologized because so many people took offense to it.

More and more we see this kind of attitude by the liberal left who condemn conservatives for not being tolerant of their ways.  Not only are they extremely intolerant of others, but they vocally express their desire to see conservatives washed away and drowned by a storm.  They don’t even seem to be willing to tolerate allowing conservatives to breathe the same air as they breathe.

In another example of extremism on the part of liberals is the recent comment by Cher concerning Senate candidate Todd Akin of Missouri.  Even though Akin has issued several apologies, the extreme liberal left again show their violent disdain for someone who accidently offended them.  Cher tweeted about Akin saying that it would be karma if Akin would:

“Get raped by man with HIV/AIDS. Nothing will happen, right? Body shuts down as defense mechanism.”

And these are the people that are supporting the Obama administration and claiming that he will make America a more tolerant and better place to live.  You can see just how tolerant they are of those they disagree with.

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