Holy Brain Drain! Democrats Want Us to Believe Obama’s Batman

The lies coming out of the Obama campaign just get more and more desperate. Even liberal stalwarts like the Washington Post have acknowledged that Obama is lying like a rug about Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital.

So what do you do when you’re caught in a massive lie by just about every news outlet in the country and across the globe that isn’t the New York Times, Boston Globe or Vanity Fair, and you look like a total idiot to thinking people everywhere?

Why, you compare your opponent to a comic book supervillain, of course.

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For those unfamiliar with the story, Bane is one the villains in the ongoing Batman comics, and he is the featured foe in the upcoming “Dark Knight Rising” movie. I haven’t seen the film yet, so I can’t vouch for any changes to the character for the silver screen, but Bane in the comic books is a highly intelligent maniac created by fascists who gets supercharged by injecting a secret formula drug called Venom.

Bane’s main calling in life seems to be to prove himself superior to everyone else by freeing an army of madmen from Arkham Asylum to cause as much chaos and mayhem as possible, and to wear down the Batman. In the comic books, he is the man who literally broke Batman’s back.

So now the Obama campaign in its desperation to convince the world that Romney is a felon, is seriously comparing him to the comic book villain, according to Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner.

Bain Capital/Bane — get it?

Yes, the Obama campaign is really that lame.

“It has been observed that movies can reflect the national mood,” said Democratic adviser Christopher Lehane. “Whether it is spelled Bain and being put out by the Obama campaign or Bane and being put out by Hollywood, the narratives are similar: a highly intelligent villain with offshore interests and a past both are seeking to cover up who had a powerful father and is set on pillaging society.”

Comic Book writer Chuck Dixon, one of the co-creators of Bane back in the early 1990s, posted online, “Overgrasping Dems? Hey, if it gets Obama supporters into theaters. Maybe they’ll buy thousands of Bane toys to throw at Romney. It all adds to MY Bane capital. I wonder if the Romney campaign will contact me?”

(They should. Romney could win some “cool” points by passing out Bane toys at his campaign stops, but I doubt his sense of humor is that good.)

Democrat leaders have never held their minions’ intelligence in high esteem, for good reason. But I think this is a new low in the abusive gay marriage that is the Democratic Party.

Even Democrats can usually read comic books, so this is probably going to be a harder sell than party officials anticipate.

The thought of the mild-mannered Romney as the bone-breaking, city-destroying Bane is just absurd. But even more of a stretch is the implication that Obama by comparison is Batman.

In the movies, Bruce Wayne adopts the persona of the Batman to scare the bejeebers out of criminals who are plaguing his beloved Gotham City. He uses the identity of the Batman to bring hope to Gotham’s law-abiding residents — not by passing out checks, lest the word “hope” engender any confusion, but by encouraging good people to stand up on their own two feet and fight back against the amoral darkness that threatens to destroy civilization.

That description does not fit Obama by any reach of the imagination. I doubt if Obama could lift Batman’s utility belt, much less fill his shoes.

Of the presidential candidates chosen by the two parties, however, there is one who fits pretty closely the description of the villainous Bane as a drug-addled, narcissistic sociopath who wants to be king — and it’s not Romney.

(I’m told that the new movie also has some negative points to make about Occupy Wall Street types and their supporters.)

In truth, King Obama should be thankful there isn’t a real Batman — Obama would likely be found deposited in front of the nearest police station, bound by bat rope and with a pinned-on note that just says, “Joker.”

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