Home Intruder Shot 5 Times by Armed Mom

Last Friday, Paul Ali Slater picked the wrong house to invade in Loganville, Georgia.

Around noon, Slater began knocking and ringing the doorbell at the home of Donnie Herman.  Donnie was at work, but his wife, who worked from home, was home with their 9 year old twin sons.  Donnie’s wife didn’t recognize the man at the door so she called her husband at work.  He told her to grab the kids and hide them in the crawl space.  On her way to the crawlspace, she grabbed her .38 revolver.  The husband immediately called 9-1-1 to alert the police.

After no one responded to his knocking and ringing the doorbell, Slater believe the house was empty.  He grabbed a crowbar from his truck and used it to pry open the front door.  Once inside, he began to rummage through the family’s possessions.  Eventually he reached the door to the crawl space where the mother and boys were hiding.  When he opened the door, she fired all six rounds from her revolver, hitting Slater 5 times in the neck and head.

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Then she told him to remain down or she would shoot him again, knowing that she had shot all six bullets.  The kids managed to get away and ran to a neighbor’s house for help.  Slater kept yelling at her to stop shooting and eventually got up and managed to run out of the house, got in his truck and took off down the road.  However, he didn’t get far before he crashed his truck into some trees.  When police arrived, he begged for help and told them he was close to death.

Donnie Herman says he’s proud of his wife who is a legal, responsible and prepared gun owner.  I love posting these stories as it proves the need for Americans to be armed and prepared at home in order to protect themselves and their families.  And each time I post one of these heroic accounts, I want to hammer home that President Barack Obama, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other anti-gun liberals would have preferred for Donnie’s wife to have been unarmed when Slater opened the door to the crawlspace.

Slater has been arrested six times since 2008.  Last February he was arrested on battery charges, which indicates that he gets physical and violent.  There is no telling what would have happened to Donnie’s wife had she not been armed, but thankfully, the family did not have to face that option.

From all of the reports like this I’ve been seeing, one thing is very clear to me.  Take the guns out of the hands of responsible law abiding citizens and the police are going to find more people raped, assaulted and dead at the hands of home intruders.  But Obama doesn’t care and neither does Bloomberg.  They say let them get raped, beat up or killed, at least all of today’s legal guns will off the streets.

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