Homeland Security Employee Caught Trying to Solicit Sex From Young Girls

We all know that we’re being watched on the internet to make sure we don’t say anything too “anti-government.” Our phone calls are monitored, our e-mails are tracked and our Facebook accounts and instant messages are being overseen. Because of these measures, people have been arrested, detained and given psych evaluations. Officials claim they have to watch over us because of terrorists and child molesters. You’d think that government officials themselves know this too. Especially a Homeland Security official, right? Perhaps it’s asking way too much for government officials to be morally consistent.

An employee of the Department of Homeland Security is being charged with trying to lure more than 70 children, all of them young girls, on Facebook for sexual purposes. His name is Robert Rennie, Jr., and he had set up an account on Facebook under the name Kyle Kirts. He would befriend girls on Facebook who believed him to be a fellow student at their school. He would then ask them to communicate with him by video on Skype.

Authorities are not sure if any of his attempts transpired, but he was found out when a girl’s parents reported that “Kirts” had solicited sexual acts from their daughter on her Facebook account. That’s when authorities found that “Kirts” was actually Rennie. Ironically, he worked for a department in the DHS called the National Protection and Programs Directorate.

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This kind of behavior is consistent with what the Inspector General at the DHS found a few months ago:

 “[I]nstead of protecting America’s citizens, hundreds of DHS agents have been busy smuggling drugs, guns and illegal immigrants, obtaining child porn, and raking in thousands in bribes and theft…Edwards, the acting IG, testified that 2,527 DHS employees have been convicted of crimes since 2004. During this period, the grand majority (65 percent) of those crimes have come from FEMA employees, many of whom were involved in kickbacks with contractors or schemes to steal taxpayer funds. 15 percent of the crimes came from border protection agents, 6.5 percent came from immigration officials, and over 5 percent was from TSA agents.”

 Lori Handrahan wrote a piece in Forbes about the child porn industry and our government’s deep involvement with it. It was found that about 5,200 Pentagon employees, even senior officials, were involved with purchasing child pornography on government computers. This behavior is widespread in our state and federal governments:

“There is a national crisis of federal employees engaged in the child porn industry and a related epidemic at the state level. I’ve documented two states, Vermont and Maine, that appear to be running state protected child trafficking rings with evidence of cops, judges, lawyers, clergy and government employees covering for each other. This kind of racketeering creates powerful, and extremely profitable, pedophile rings.”

These are the people who are given the task to protect us—to protect us from pedophiles and sex offenders. How are our kids supposed to be protected from such perverts when our governments are filled with them at all levels?

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